Massage with a Difference

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Javanese Massage

60 minutes. This signature Massage therapy draws the inspiration from the century-old massage tradition among the Javanese Royalties, which has been the main treatment for maintaining their health and well-being. Expect an intense, medium to strong deep tissue massage on your whole body, in which the therapist uses only palm and thumb stroke to apply a unique blend of Indonesian essential oil that will help stimulates blood circulation and loosen muscles.

Taman Sari Massage

90 minutes. This massage is the longer version of Javanese Massage with more focus on back area, head massage and foot reflexology. Guests can also ask a special request to the therapist to focus on other specific area of the body which needs more attention such as arms, hands, lower back or upper legs.

Balinese Massage

60 minutes. Balinese Massage is a semi-deep tissue massage using the combination of palm, thumb and finger strokes on the whole body. This massage promotes body relaxation by improving the blood circulation.

Prameswari Queen Massage

60 minutes. This treatment is the ultimate experience of massage royal Javanese style. This massage is conducted by two therapists that are working together harmoniously to perform massage on the whole body. The technique is similar to Javanese massage with the highlight when the head is massaged at the same time as the feet.

Swedish/French Massage

60 minutes. A popular European-style massage which is targeted to stimulate blood circulation and soothe tensed muscle. Medium in pressure, this technique uses the combination of three basic strokes: long firm stroke, kneading and small circular stroke.

Sport Massage

60 minutes. This Massage is specifically designed for clients with specific purpose to recover from sore muscle after sport activity. Our sport massage is a combination of Swedish massage and stretching techniques, which focus on enhancing athletic performance and facilitating recovery from sport-related activities.

Javanese Hot Rocks Massage

90 minutes. A unique therapy using hot and warm stones to improve blood circulation, soothes muscles and increase body metabolism. It combines strokes, kneading and frictions of palms on general areas and stones on trigger points. It starts with hot stone for relaxing the muscles and continues with warm stones for delivering the pressure.

Jamu Massage

90 minutes. A traditional Javanese Massage that uses special “bag” to apply a unique blend of Indonesia’s essential oil combined with spices such as vetyver, curcuma, and ylang-ylang. This massage utilizes thermal, herbal and aromatherapy as well as traditional massage therapy in order to improve blood circulation and to calm nerves. In the old days, Jamu Massage is intended to facilitate a speedy recovery from illnesses.

Body Treatments Beautify & Rejuvenate

Javanese Lulur Body Exfoliation

60 minutes. Described as the “Royal” of body treatment, this tradition originates from inside the Royal palace of Central Java. The main ingredients of Lulur are turmeric, rice powder, pandan wangi leaves and temu giring, which have unique purifying properties, exfoliation of the dead cells and stimulation of new skin cell regeneration.

Balinese “Murut” Body Scrub

60 minutes. Murut is a Balinese tradition of body scrub. The ingredients for the scrub are made from selected herbal such as turmeric, green coconut extract, coriander seed & ginger oil. This treatment is not only for the maintenance the skin moisture, but it is also to cleanse and nurture the skin. The Murut is also believed to be beneficial for improving blood circulation.

Balinese “Boreh” Body Mask

60 minutes. Boreh is another tradition among the Balinese which is basically a herbal body wrap. Made from combination of selected herbal such as ginger, galangal , and clove, this blended herbal is wrapped to the whole body to restore the body temperature. The ultimate target of Boreh is to prevent the illness that is caused by the body temperature imbalance. Boreh is good for recovery from intense activities such as Skiing, hiking or stress.

Papaya Enzyme Body Polish

60 minutes. The papaya enzyme is renowned for its healing properties and has been used for centuries as a natural skin exfoliation that improves the skin appearance by softening the skin and even out fines lines.

Merapi Volcano Body Wrap

60 minutes. The detoxification treatment using rich organic mud that contains full of proteins and minerals to stimulates blood circulation while enriching the skin. Its restorative powers heightened when the body is wrapped and warmed.

Herbal Body Mask

60 minutes. This treatment is uniquely natural moisturizer that has been used for generations inside the Royal Javanese Palace. Our special ingredients will enhance the beneficial effects of this treatment by using only selected herbal. The result is smooth and radiance skin which will last for days.

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