Weather in Whistler in the Winter

Whistler is famous for BC (British Columbia) powder and its thousands of acres of terrain across two mountains. But what most people don’t know is that Whistler is actually nestled in one of the most remarkable regions of rainforest anywhere on earth. And it’s this ecosystem that we have to thank for everything we enjoy here today.

Every year, our little pocket of the Pacific temperate rain forest receives an average 38.2 feet (1,163 cm / 11.63 meters / 458 inches) of snow per year. Whistler Blackcomb is the ultimate Goldilocks of ski resorts: we’re close enough to the Pacific to get higher than average precipitation and high enough above sea level so that it falls as snow.

Temperatures: The weather in Whistler is “temperate”, meaning that typical winter temperatures fall between +10ºC (50F) and -10ºC (14F). Early-January usually brings colder temperatures, just for a week or so, due to a flow of extremely cold Arctic air from the North. During this time temperatures can reach as low as – 20ºC (-4F). If you’re coming to Whistler in early January bring a few extra warm layers just in case.

Whistler Weather Forecast: Winter

For long range Whistler weather forecasts we use the Weather Network:

If you’re heading in to the backcountry check out our Snow Forecast Whistler page.

Whistler Blackcomb Weather: Winter

While the Whistler climate is temperate, mountain weather is notoriously hard to predict and can change very quickly. Locals who live here have a saying “Don’t like the weather? Wait 5 minutes and it will change”.

For this reason we highly recommend always checking the Whistler Blackcomb live temps and live weather reports before heading out for the day. You can get live mountain weather on the go and access to the live Whistler webcams, with the Whistler Blackcomb app for your smartphone.

Whistler Weather Forecast on the Whistler Blackcomb App

Download Whistler Blackcomb app from iTunes, here

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Historical Weather Data for Whistler, BC

Average Temperature 13.4 °C
Average Maximum Temperature 19.6 °C
Average Minimum Temperature 7.2 °C
Frequency of Precipitation 46%
Highest Temperature (1977-2006) 32.1 °C 1982
Lowest Temperature (1977-2006) 2.6 °C 1989
Greatest Precipitation (1977-2006) 13.4 mm 1994
Greatest Rainfall (1977-2006) 13.4 mm 1994
Greatest Snowfall (1977-2006) 0.0 cm 1977
Most Snow on the Ground (1980-2006) 0.0 cm 1981

Average Alpine Temperatures

Temperatures are approximately 7 to 10°C cooler on top of the mountain than in the Valley. Due to Whistler’s coastal proximity, temperatures are moderate through the winter season, rarely dipping below -10°C (12°F) in the Village and -15°C (5°F) in the alpine during the coldest part of the year. Expect -5°C (22°F) average daily alpine temperatures during most of the winter months.

December to February


-12°C / 11°F


-5°C / 23°F

to May


-8°C / 19°F


5°C / 42°F

Average Snowfall
360 inches / 30 ft / 9.14 m per year on summit

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