Whistler Webcams

The Whistler webcams are usually our first stop before we head out for a day of skiing or snowboarding. Strategically located at key points on the Whistler Blackcomb mountains, these inconspicuous little pieces of technology might seem like a novelty at first, but look deeper and they actually contain everything you need to know for an amazing day in the mountains.

Below is a list of each Whistler webcam and the secret world they unlock if you just know what to look for.

1. Whistler Webcam: Skiers Plaza, Whistler Village

Whistler webcam: Whistler village view

Why we love this Whistler webcam: While it’s not the most spectacular view, the Whistler Village webcams is a hidden gem. Yeah, sure, the alpine webcams will show you beautiful mountain vistas, but the Whistler Village webcams point straight at the two gondolas – so you can see how long the lines are before you even step foot outside.

See the live Whistler Village webcam, here

2. Whistler Webcams: Roundhouse on Whistler

Whistler Webcam: View from the Roundhouse on Whistler

The Roundhouse Lodge is where everyone gets off the Whistler Village gondola, so as soon as those cabins start turning you’ll see a steady stream of people appear at the top. This Whistler webcam is a great way to judge how busy it is, but that’s not the only reason we love it.

Why we love this Whistler webcam: This is the Whistler webcam you want to look at first thing in the morning. This webcam dubbed the “Whistler Cam” points towards the Roundhouse and looks west towards the Callaghan Valley. It catches the spectacular sunrise over the coast mountains and is a better morning pick-me-up than any coffee.

See live images from the Roundhouse webcam, here

3. Whistler Webcams: Whistler Peak

Whistler Webcam: View from Whistler Peak

If there’s one chair you should ride purely for the view this is it. From the top there’s a near 360º view that makes you feel like you’re stood on the edge of the universe looking in.

Why we love this Whistler webcam: You’ll often here locals say “you just have to get above it”. The Whistler valley has geological features that sometimes result in a layer of low laying cloud that hangs around the mountain at about 1000m like a giant grey doughnut. But get on the chairlift and break through those clouds. As the Whistler Peak webcam will show you, it’s usually a beautiful day if you just “get above it”. This webcam is also useful when deciding whether to put sunny or low-light lens in your goggles.

See live images from the Whistler Peak webcam, here

4. Whistler Webcams: Rendezvous on Blackcomb

Whistler webcam: View From Rendezvous on Blackcomb

The Peak 2 Peak gondola links the alpine areas of both Whistler and Blackcomb, and we frequently check the Rendezvous webcams before switching mountains.

Why we love this Whistler webcam: The two mountains have vastly different terrain, but the also have different weather patterns because of their individual orientation to the sun and the weather brought in by the valleys that surround them.

In 2015 the Rendezvous Lodge was given an impressive $2 million renovation and these Whistler webcams take pride of place on top of the new building.

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See live images from the Rendezvous webcam, here

5. Whistler Webcams: Glacier Express on Blackcomb

Whistler Webcam: View From The Glacier Express on Blackcomb

The terrain off the Glacier Express chair is some of the best that you’ll find on either Whistler or Blackcomb. Having said that, some days Mother Nature will make you work to get there.

Why we love this Whistler webcam: Glacier Express is one of the most exposed chairlifts on the mountain so this webcam will become your best friend if you love high alpine skiing or riding. One look at this webcam and the live temperatures and you’ll immediately know how many layers to wear, whether to wear mittens or gloves, and if you should bring a bandana or scarf to protect your face from protection from the wind.

See live images from the the Glacier Express webcam, here

6. Whistler Webcams: Horstman Hut on Blackcomb

Whistler Webcam: View from 7th Heaven

This Whistler webcam is mounted on top of the Horstman Hut at the summit of the 7th Heaven chairlift. 7th Heaven is a favourite with locals and visitors alike because its perfect position to catch the warm afternoon sun. 7th Heaven’s wide-open face also means you easily get a read on how busy 7th Heaven chair will be by taking a look at how many people are skiing and snowboarding down to the base of the chair.

Why we love this Whistler webcam:  We also just love to oogle over the epic mountain vista. On a clear day this Whistler webcam has one of the best views, hands down.

See live images from the Horstman Hut webcam, here

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