It can be challenging to eat out and eat healthy at the same time.

Luckily, in Whistler, almost every restaurant offers healthy, vegetarian and/or vegan options (gluten-free too, if that’s your thing).

These are the Whistler restaurants that stand out above the rest when it comes to offering fast, delicious, healthy menu options.

Green Moustache

Summary: Health-focused juice bar and vegan cafe.

Location(s): Whistler Village North and Function Junction.

Why it made the list: Everything on the menu is ultra healthy and ultra delicious.


Raven’s Nest

Summary: Vegan/vegetarian deli located directly on Whistler mountain.

Location(s): Whistler mountain at the base of the red chair.

Why it made the list: Healthy eats right on the mountain, what’s not to love?


Hunter Gather

Summary: Trendy eatery featuring locally sourced food and craft beer. Great vegan options.

Location(s): Whistler Village North, at the corner of Northlands and Main.

Why it made the list: Great quality, great atmosphere. Good prices. Fast service.


Naked Sprout juice bar

Summary: Health-focused, sustainable cafe with fresh juice and smoothies, and many vegan/vegetarian choices.

Location(s): Sundial Place, Whistler Village.

Why it made the list: Eco-friendly, locally sourced, great menu for meat eaters and vegans/vegetarians alike.



Summary: Homestyle deli in the village with amazing sandwiches.

Location(s): Village Stroll, Whistler village.

Why it made the list: Diverse menu, good prices, homey vibes.



Summary: Upscale yet casual market and bakery with meat and veggie options.

Location(s): Upper Village, at the base of the Fairmont.

Why it made the list: Premium beer, coffee, mains and baked goods in one location. A local’s favourite.



Summary: Upscale cafe and eatery with a diverse menu.

Location(s): Blackcomb Way, at the base of the Les Chamois hotel.

Why it made the list: With a deep menu including cafe specialties, savoury mains, vegan/vegetarian options, wine, spirits and beer, and irresistible desserts, Fifi’s aims to please.


Fix Cafe

Summary: Cafe with an awesome selection of fresh smoothies and juices, and fresh, fast, breakfast and lunch options.

Location(s): Lake Placid Road, located in the Nita Lake Lodge.

Why it made the list: Great juice and smoothie offerings. Fast, fresh, simple breakfast and lunch choices for all tastes and preferences.


Gone Eatery

Summary: Local’s favourite spot for fast, affordable, healthy meals.

Location(s): Whistler Village Square.

Why it made the list: High-quality food and coffee, fast service, healthy options and prices that can’t be beat.


La Cantina

Summary: Mexican-style eatery with vegan-friendly options.

Location(s): Whistler Village North and Nesters.

Why it made the list: La Cantina makes it easy to enjoy vegan and vegetarian versions of all their offerings.