Fall is our second favourite time to be in the mountains (after the winter, of course). Just hearing the word “autumn” makes our old sweaters start feeling more comfy, we start enjoying the smell of rain, the mountainside shines with a golden afternoon glow, and it becomes acceptable to put pumpkin spice on everything.

Here are 13 of our favourite things to do in Whistler in the Autumn:

1. Riding the gondola through 3 seasons in one day


2. Chasing waterfalls

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3. Eagerly watching the snow-line creep towards the village

4. Foraging in the woods for mushrooms


5. Hiking to the snow-line to get our pre-skiing fix

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6. Snuggling-up with a movie and a free hot chocolate


7. Playing frisbee golf in the evenings (before it starts getting dark at 4pm)

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8. Picking up some seasonal, fall veggies from the Whistler Farmer’s Market


9. Experiencing Whistler’s coastal temperate rainforest in its element

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10. Photographing local wildlife as they get ready for winter


11. Crunching leaves beneath our feet on our morning dog walk

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12. Bald eagle watching in Squamish

Technically this one isn’t in Whistler, but Squamish is only a 40 min drive south and this is one our our most popular guest-recommended activities.

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