At this time of year so many of us have forgotten or lost sight of our New Year’s resolutions. Some were small things such as “I must eat healthier” and others are more daunting and have higher consequences like taking a year off to go travelling. No matter what your resolution was, it’s vital that you have the confidence to seek out new adventures.

Affirmations, used regularly, can help you find a well of support, encouragement and power all within yourself. So even if others doubt your change of direction, you will always have the self-confidence and belief in yourself to help you continue on.

How to use affirmations

Devote sometime to repeating the affirmations each day. You don’t have to do them all, we usually pick 3 or 4 that suit how we’re feeling and repeat each one 3 times. We like to do ours affirmations first thing in the morning and last thing at night, but there is no right and wrong. In the summer, try saying your affirmations while doing sun salutations or simply standing with your face in the sun with your arms stretched skyward. And in the winter months, the morning sun will really give you boost of positive energy so try doing your affirmations in a quiet, sunny spot on your way to work, while walking your dog, or even find a sunny spot inside in front of a window.

14 affirmations for achieving your goals

  1. Today I live in the present and I am confident of the future

  2. I love meeting strangers and approach them with boldness and enthusiasm

  3. I can overcome my fear of anything and everything and live life courageously

  4. I am doing the best I can with the knowledge and experience I have obtained so far

  5. I forgive myself for my past mistakes and welcome new challenges with curiosity and excitement

  6. I let go of a life without goals and replace it with a destiny of success and grand achievement

  7. I am my own best friend; I will not be my own worst enemy

  8. I will concentrate on my strengths and ignore my weaknesses

  9. I am assertive and at the same time, considerate about others

  10. My ability to conquer my challenges is limitless; my potential to succeed is infinite

  11. I feel the love and strength of those who are not physically around me

  12. I choose love, joy and freedom, opening my heart to all the wonderful things that flow into my life

  13. I have all that I need to make this a great day in my life

  14. The power is within me. I learn from the past, live in the now and plan for the future