There’s been a lot of grumbling in the Pacific Northwest about the warm weather we’re having right now. So we thought we’d clear up for everyone, once and for all, why you really shouldn’t bother coming to Whistler this spring.

1. There’s nothing to do besides ski. You can’t even run in the valley because of all the ice


location: Cheakamus River Trail, Whistler

2. None of the bike trails are clear so dual sport days are a no, and it’s too cold to wear shorts anyway

Cross country mountain biking at Lost Lake

location: Lost Lake, Whistler

3. There are blankets of winter clouds blocking out the beautiful sunsets…


location: Wedgemount Lake, Whistler

4. …and the stars


location: Wedgemount Lake, Whistler

5. It makes it impossible to enjoy all of our rivers and lakes


location: Lillooet River, north of Whistler

6. If you do decide to ski, be ready for the crowds. It’s so busy here in springtime…

Skiing 7th Heavan on Blackcomb

location: 7th Heaven, Whistler Blackcomb

7. …it’s hard to get a moment’s peace…


location: Cheakamus Lake, Whistler

8. …anywhere


location: Wedgemount Lake, Whistler

9. Whistler’s just such a tourist trap, there’s no community culture here at all

Roller Derby at the Whistler Conference during WSSF

location: Roller Derby Bout, World Ski and Snowboard Festival

10. All the art is in fancy galleries…


location: Train Wreck, Whistler

11. …and the village is full of over-priced chain coffee shops. So, with all that in mind, you probably shouldn’t come to Whistler. It’s not worth it.


location: The Whistler Tea House, Whistler Village

12. And don’t even try bringing your dog, they’ll have a terrible time…

1557367_952606184642_3645642009085585696_o (1)

location: Ancient Cedars Loop, Cougar Mountain, Whistler

13. …especially the little ones. The trails are so advanced and dangerous, it’s honestly better if they don’t come either. Sorry.


location: Cheakamus Lake, Whistler

14. P.S. Whistler hotels hate dogs anyway…


location: Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel, Whistler

Ah, we just can’t hide it. We ♥ dogs, you caught us….but everything else is true.

Happy Spring… or not!