1. the people

    You know that stereotype about the West Coast being overrun with happy-go-lucky, hippie types?

    Well, it’s accurate. Whistlerites are friendly and easygoing, and it’s great. If you love fresh air and fun, you’ll fit right in.

    Classic “West Coast vibes”

  2. the food

    The most difficult decision you’ll make in Whistler is where to eat. Everything is amazing, though, so you can’t go wrong, especially during Cornucopia – Whistler’s extravagant annual festival of food and drink.

    Mmmmm [credit – Cornucopia]

  3. the terrain

    Whistler offers the largest skiable area in North America, and if skiing/snowboarding isn’t your thing, there’s still a plethora of fun to be had on Whistler’s expansive, rugged terrain.

    Hiking, climbing, tubing, sledding, snowshoeing, biking, camping, bungee jumping, ziplining, you name it – if it’s an outdoor activity, you can do it in Whistler.

  4. the scenery

    The stunning views just never end. Pictures can give you a glimpse but nothing compares to seeing it with your own eyes.

    [Credit – @leonardodimaggio_]

  5. the valley trail

    Get lost in nature without actually getting lost. This paved trail network connects all of Whistler’s neighbourhoods, parks and lakes, with an abundance of picturesque detours along the way.

  6. the PEAK 2 PEAK

    From the Whistler Blackcomb website: “The world record-breaking PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola is a breathtaking, 4.4-kilometre journey to infinite possibilities.”

    Actually, it’s a journey to Whistler or Blackcomb Mountain, depending which way you take it – but yeah, it’s pretty awesome.

  7. the lakes

    The mountains make a perfect backdrop for Whistlers gorgeous, blue and turquoise lakes, many of which are accessible via the valley trail for your enjoyment.

  8. the après

    Want to start drinking in the early afternoon without being judged? Whistler’s legendary après is exactly where you’ll want to be.

  9. the trees

    They are massive and they are plentiful, and when they get sprinkled with snow, they are oh-so-pretty. Try not to strain your neck as you gaze upwards at these glorious giants.

  10. the climate

    Those giant trees didn’t happen by accident. Whistler is part of the Pacific temperate rainforests ecoregion. The perks of being a ski resort in a rainforest? Comfortably mild temperatures, especially at the base, and lots of precipitation (aka snow!).

    Tourism Whistler/Mike Crane

  11. the music

    Whistler’s legendary party scene facilitates a LOT of live music, every day of the week. Because who doesn’t love being serenaded?

  12. the hotels

    From the quaint and quirky to the posh and extravagant, Whistler offers many great places to rest your head. Of course, we’re biased to recommend the Summit Lodge, Whistler’s award-winning, pet-friendly boutique hotel.

    Double Queen Studio at the Summit Lodge Whistler

  13. the festivities

    Whistler knows how to throw a celebration. From the World Ski and Snowboard Festival to Crankworx and everything in between, there is always something going on in Whistler (the free Fire and Ice show every Sunday during the winter season, for example).

    [Credit – Crankworx]

  14. the art

    The mountains, the skies, the lakes, the trees, the wildlife, the people, the architecture, and all the creations they inspire; It’s hard to draw the line between what’s “art” and what’s not in Whistler, since everything is so darn picturesque.

    Oh, and Whistler’s multiple fine art galleries – those are pretty artsy, too.

    [Credit – @AudainArtMuseum]

  15. the animals

    Many majestic creatures call Whistler home, some of which you’d be delighted to discover on an afternoon stroll, others you’d hope to avoid.

    Also, Whistler has SO MANY DOGS and they are all adorable.

    [Credit – @whistlerblackcomb]

  16. the drives

    Basically every drive in every direction from Whistler is a journey of unspeakable beauty.

    We especially recommend the Sea to Sky highway between Vancouver and Whistler, or the longer adventure Northeast through Pemberton and the rockies until you eventually reach Calgary.

    [Credit – whistler.com]

  17. the stories

    Whistler’s legends run deep and plentiful. Most days, all it takes is a gondola ride with a talkative stranger to discover a new tale from this colourful town.

    And you’ll never leave without stories of your own.

  18. foreign friends

    Whistler is what they call a “melting pot”. Of course the pot is mostly filled with Aussies, Brits, and out-of-province Canadians – you’ll never hear English spoken so many ways in one place – but bits and pieces of the whole world coexist in Whistler.

    Come get multicultural!

    Australia Day [Credit – Gibbons Whistler]

  19. new gondola and suspension bridge

    In 2018, Whistler Blackcomb announced some major additions and improvements to the mountain, including a brand new Blackcomb gondola that takes riders from the Upper Village to the Rendezvous Lodge, a new and improved Catskinner chair, a six-seater Emerald chair, and a suspension bridge on Whistler peak offering stunning panoramic views of the region.

    The suspension bridge opened for visitors late summer 2018 and the new lifts are all open for the 2018/19 season.

    Tourism Whistler / Megan Wilson