Someone once said “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get”. Well we’re going to open up the box and show you the menu of awesome things guests can expect to eat, see, and do when you stay with us this winter.

1. Foodie Happy Hours

Beer, nachos, wine, cheese, Baileys, and hot chocolate. Sadly not all at the same time. That would be a seriously weird mix of the food groups, but you can get them in delicious pairs three days a week (and totally free) at our guest-only Happy Hours.

  • Happy Hour 1. Beer and Nachos, gringos!
  • Happy Hour 2. Win and Cheese, mon amie
  • Happy Hour 3. Baileys and Hot Chocolate, eh

2. Free Snowshoe Rentals

There’s more to Whistler than skiing and snowboarding, and we want everyone to see it. We have a range of snowshoes for guests to take out (free of charge) to explore Whistler. We have small (kids), medium, and large available on a first-come-first-served basis. Afternoons seem to be the most popular times, but we really love a pre-breakfast snowshoe in the morning sun.

3. Super Fast, No Charge Fibre Optic WiFi

IMG_6960 2

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Forgot a last minute piece of work that you really need to finish or are you getting withdrawal symptoms from Game of Thrones? Whether your vice is work or Netflix Originals we’ve got you covered and we’ll never buffer your favourite show.

4. 100% Free International Phone Calls

Say what now?! Keeping in touch with family is important – even if it’s just gloating about all the face-shots you got on Peak Chair or the fresh lines after the First Tracks breakfast. All you have to do is dial 9-0-1-1 to get an outside line and then enter the phone number plus the international country code.

5. In Room iPads


This is the one screen you won’t want to escape on your vacation. Next to the bed, in all our rooms, you will find your very own iPad Mini loaded with things to make your time in Whistler more awesome.
On the home screen you’ll find a link to our blog (Whistler’s most popular travel and adventure blog) the Art of Living, you can access our app to help you find activities and events, and it even doubles up as a good ol’ alarm clock. We thought of everything.

6. Free Deluxe Hot Chocolate Station

Because no ski day is complete without at least one hot chocolate, piled high with whipped cream, topped with fluffy marshmallows.

7. Candy Bar Happy Hours

Candy Corner at the Summit Lodge

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Not that we’re encouraging a bunch of grown adults to get hopped-up on sugar and free coffee but well, you know, some times you’ve just got to let out the inner 9 year old and eat your body weight in liquorice laces.

8. The Best Pay Per View Movies

Want to snuggle in a soft bathrobe and watch Will Ferrell movies back-to-back while gorging on deluxe hot chocolate? Don’t worry we’re not judging. In fact we might just join you!

9. Sharp & Stylish Design Upgrades

Summit Lodge Lobby Design by Beyond Beige

Summit Lodge lobby design by local, Vancouver company Beyond Beige

We’re a little excited about this one, and if you follow us on Facebook you’ll know why. We’re working with the fantastic interior design firm Beyond Beige in Vancouver to upgrade and redesign our rooms and lobby. We’re hoping to have it all done and ready to for you to enjoy by winter 2016.17.

10. Free Morning Joe In The Lobby

Need we say any more. And, yes, you can come down in your PJ’s.

11. Lift Line Shuttle On The House

You came this far now relax. Don’t waste your energy walking to the lift let our kind (and really funny) shuttle drivers get you where you need to go. Shuttles leave each morning from outside the hotel.

12. No Charge Ski-Valet & Secure Storage

Check it and forget it. Jump off the shuttle at the end of the day, hand your gear to our ski-valet and don’t worry about it again until the morning.

13. In-House Ski & Snowboard Tuning

Getting splitboard edges fixed at Underground Tuning Whistler

The Summit Lodge is home to Whistler’s best hand-tuning wizards. Yohann and his team at Underground Tuning have an undeniable reputation for quality and look after the gear of some of Whistler’s most notorious pro athletes. If you’re the kind of person that digs your skis out of the closet two weeks before your vacation, take them for a full tune-up. We promise you’ll notice the difference.