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There is a little secret that not many people know about the Summit Lodge, and that is that we don’t spend any money on traditional advertising, and it’s been that way since 2014. Instead, our advertising budget is spent on improving the Summit Lodge experience for you, our guests.

We regularly ask our guests what they’d like to see on their next stay, and what we can do to improve. Past suggestions include everything from free bike rentals, pop-up barbeque lunches, and free deluxe hot chocolate stations; to live TED conference streaming, continual customer service training for our staff, and our new Whistler adventure blog. All these fantastic ideas were paid for with our “would-have-been” advertising budget.

Now we’re moving on to our rooms, and this summer they’re getting spruced up with some more of your wonderful suggestions (and a couple of our own).

All of the rooms will be finished by August 31st 2015.

1. iPads In All The Rooms

Travelling with technology can be a gift, but unless you have a good roaming package or fast hotel wifi, it can be a real pain.
We’ve added new iPad minis to all of our rooms and upgraded our wifi so you can easily research new activities, hikes, restaurants and experiences, in your down-time.
On the iPad look for the “Art of Living” app, it will link you straight to our blog where there is no shortage of Whistler inspiration!


2. New Fireplaces

Our guests thought that the old fireplaces were “a bit dated” – and we agreed, they weren’t the good kind of retro.

The new fireplaces make a dramatic difference to the feel of our rooms, and they’re not just for show like in some other hotels.
These beautiful fireplaces are deceptive. They look great and they heat up the room faster and more efficiently than our old fireplaces, helping us reduce the energy consumption per room while keeping you super toasty in the winter.

3. New (And More Environmentally) Friendly Carpet

We also chose to use carpet squares for our new rooms, instead of the typical carpet rolls. We did this for a couple of reasons:

1. Carpet squares are easier to replace if there is a stain or a mark that won’t come out – not having to replace the whole carpet because of one stain, will cut down on the amount of waste in the long-term.

2. There is less waste when fitting carpet squares because there is less to trim-off – this creates a huge reduction in the amount of waste produced when carpeting 82 rooms.

The new carpet really brightens up the room, don’t you think?


4. Sweet Treats And Surprises For Special Occasions

If you’re celebrating your birthday, anniversary, first trip to Canada or even just your dog having puppies. Let us know and we’ll celebrate with you.


Is there anything else you’d like to see for when you stay? We’d love to try and make it happen for you! Leave a comment here, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or you can send us an email at hello@summitlodge.com.

Thanks for reading, and keep being awesome!