Successfully fitting more travel to your life isn’t about having more time or money – it’s about having imagination and enthusiasm, and more importantly, a solid will to really want to squeeze every last ounce of awesome out of your time.

We’ve taken a few of the most common complaints from people who feel like they don’t travel enough, and shared with you our methods to overcome them and release your inner-adventurer at once!

We’re not telling you that fitting more travel into your life is easy, but we’re telling you that it’s going to be worth it.

Complaint: But I just don’t have enough time

Solution: Combine commitments

Maybe you have to see your family every weekend, have a dinner date with a friend, or a project or assignment that won’t let you leave your desk. Either way, take them (or it) with you.

Now, we don’t mean book them a plane ticket and hotel room on your credit card. Instead, make travelling and exploring locally the activity you do together. Find a bargain last-minute deal on a hotel and drive to the next city for dinner, club together with your family and all book a cabin at the beach, find a quirky Air BnB for a weekend, or grab your laptop and head to a scenic hotel to work where your lunch breaks are be taking long walks in the forest.

Almost everyone like exploring somewhere new, we don’t think you’ll have much trouble convincing people to join you.

Complaint: But I don’t have enough money

Solution: Let go of thinking that travelling is international

Travelling does not mean saving all your money for a year so you can take 6 months off to visit exotic far-away lands. That’s fun, but if you want to fit more travel in your life on a budget, you’re going to have to scrap the “all or nothing” mindset and replace it with “little and often”.

Take short trips. An afternoon, an evening, a morning, a day, a weekend. Start by visiting the towns within a 3 hour drive, then a 5 hour drive, then the next province or state. The important thing is to travel and gain new experiences often.

Go horse riding, have lunch at a famous cafe in the big city, swim at the lake, walk along the cliffs, see a comedy show, challenge yourself to test your limits, take a community art class, or just admire the surroundings and people-watch.

Frequent travellers appreciate the little things and achieve happiness through being thankful for the experiences that come from visiting new places and meeting new people.

Here are some of our favourite resources to find cheap, last-minute, local deals and activities wherever you are:

Hotel Tonight App:
Groupon’s Last Minute Travel Deals:
Expedia’s Local Expert service:

Complaint: There’s nothing to do where I live

Solution: Plan like you’re a foreigner visiting for the first time

Imagine you were visiting your country from somewhere else in the world. Where would you go, and what resources would you use to plan your travels? You’d probably pick up travel books and seek out tourism authorities.

You’ll be amazed at all the wonderful activities, experiences and locations that are marketed to international tourists, but not to residents. Why? Who knows. But if you plan your staycation like a foreigner, we guarantee you’ll find lot of hidden gems.

For example here’s a few of our favourite resources for Canada (your country will have it’s equivalent):

Hello BC blog:

Hello BC Twitter account:

Explore Canada Twitter account:

Destination Canada:

Lonely Planet:

Complaint: But I can’t leave my dog at home

Solution: Chances are, what’s fun for your pet is actually fun for you too

Having a dog is the worst excuse for not travelling, but it’s one that comes up over and over again. Travelling with your dog can be a surprisingly fun way to explore new places, and many tourist destinations are catching on to the growing trend. For instance, hiking, biking, paddleboarding, lake swimming and running are just a few of the things visitors can do with their dogs in Whistler. Almost all of our patios have tables where you can sit with your dog, our stores are dog-friendly, and dogs always stay for free with us at the Summit Lodge. And the same can be said for every major tourist destination on earth. The fact is more people want to travel with their pets.

If you’re traveling alone, dogs are also a great way to make new friends in the town or city that you’re visiting. They force you to socialize by running over and saying hi to any new fun-looking human or other dog. There’s no better or quicker way to make new friends in a new place.

The key to fitting in more travelling with your dog is to remember that perception is reality. If you perceive that travelling with your dog is hard, then it probably will be. The most important thing to successfully traveling with your dog is being 100% sure you have all the correct paperwork.

Here are some great resources on travelling across borders with your dog:

Canadian Government advice for brining your dog to Canada:

CDC’s advice for taking your dog into the US:

Go Pet Friendly’s blog post on travelling to Canada with your dog:

We hope this post has given you some inspiration to start traveling locally, often, and now. Please let share with us your tips in the comments box below, and we’ll collate them into another post in the future.

Happy travels!