1. You can get a free Tough Mudder tattoo at the finish line


Super dedicated Tough Mudders can get 1 free entry if they get the Tough Mudder logo tattooed to their body. There are over 4000 Mudders with the logo permanently ink’d on their skin, forever.

Fancy showing the ultimate allegiance to the Mudder community? Sign up for your tattoo, here.

2. The course was designed by the British Special Forces


Will Dean and Guy Livingstone are two Brits who graduated from Harvard Business School with an idea to create a 12 mile obstacle course designed to test fitness, grit, stamina, and strength – then in 2010, Tough Mudder was born. The two friends consulted with the British Special Forces to create the unforgettable ice, electricity, water, fear, and fire challenges that we know today.

3. Loners don’t stay alone for long


Tough Mudder is for tribes – teams made of close friends who would do anything for each other. But those teams don’t always form before the race. Obstacles like “Mt Everest” have everyone reaching out to help their fellow Mudders scramble up the near-vertical wall coated in mud and grease. Although we wouldn’t recommend doing Tough Mudder alone, no Mudder ever gets left behind.

4. There is a Mudder’s legion for those addicted to the thrill


“Mudder Legion” is an official members-only organization for people who have run two or more Tough Mudders. You can’t just join. You have to earn it. As a Legionnaire this year you get a chance to try the Obstacle Innovation Lab’s latest creation: Dead Ringer, you have the option to bypass the Electroshock Therapy, the choice to run unlimited laps of the course, and (of course) special headbands showing off your number of Tough Mudder conquests.

The full list of Legionnaire benefits are here: toughmudder.com/mudder-legion

5. Beards give you more grit. Fact.

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If you’re tackling the Tough Mudder challenge this weekend, may all the luck in the world be with you! We think you’re crazy…but maybe next year we just might join you.