Whistler Blackcomb announced it will be making good on a rumour that has been buzzing around the world-famous resort town all winter. Whistler is getting what could potentially be one of North America’s most spectacular suspension bridges. And we’re stoked!

On May 18th Whistler’s popular news publication, the Pique Newsmagazine, shared a story confirming that our excitement was well founded.

Whistler Blackcomb has only released a few details to the public, one of which is that construction of the Whistler suspension bridge is set to begin this summer. Another exciting announcement hitting the news alongside that of the suspension bridge, is the proposed expansion to the Whistler Bike Park which will see the gravity-fuelled trail network double in size and span around the mountain and down to Creekside.

But, enough of the Bike Park for now. Here are 6 awesome things we learned about the Whistler suspension bridge:

1. The suspension bridge will start near Peak Chair & finish at the West Ridge view-point

Whistler Blackcomb’s vice president of business development, Rob McSkimming, said in the Pique Newsmagazine that this is a “signature suspension bridge” and “It’s going to be a really cool project,”.

The end of the suspension bridge will be on the West Ridge. If you ski or snowboard at Whistler it’s highly likely that you’ve ridden the Peak Chair right past the location of the new suspension bridge. The West Ridge is a dramatic looking crop of rocks and cliffs that are skiers left of Whistler Bowl and looker’s right as you’re going up the chair.

Hikers stood on West Ridge looking North over Whistler

2. It will span part of Whistler bowl and link to the Whistler Summit Loop

The West Ridge view-point will link into the network of alpine hiking trails that start at the top of Whistler Mountain. One of our favourites is the Whistler Summit Interpretive Loop. A little over 10,000 years ago, this whole region was submerged beneath solid ice so thick that only a few mountains were tall enough to poke out of the top. As you climb the trail to the highest point look to your left and see history, literally, carved into the landscape.

3. The suspension bridge will stretch more than 130 metres to a cantilevered viewpoint

Cantilevered viewpoints are the flavour of the month in tourism right now. As if the sensation of walking across a bridge suspended at the top of Whistler mountain isn’t enough, it sounds like guests will also be able to walk right out off the edge of the West Ridge cliffs on a viewing platform.

4. Whistler’s suspension bridge will be 1/3 longer than the suspension bridge at the Sea To Sky Gondola

The suspension bridge at the Sea To Sky Gondola is spectacular, but if the town of Whistler had an unofficial motto it would probably be “go big or go home”. Known for constantly breaking world-records, most recently with the PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola, Whistler Blackcomb is not shy of going bigger and better than everyone else.

Sea To Sky Gondola Suspension Bridge Length: 100m
Whistler Blackcomb Suspension Bridge: 130m

5. It could be the highest suspension bridge in North America

Yep. You read that right. The peak of Whistler Mountain is 1,530 metres (5,020 feet) above sea level, and the suspension bridge will be the cherry sat proudly on top. Whether Whistler’s suspension bridge will take the crown of North America’s highest suspension bridge can only be confirmed once construction is complete, but its chances are looking pretty good.

Proposed route of the Whistler suspension bridge

Photo from piquenewsmagazine.com

Construction of the Peak Suspension Bridge and West Ridge Viewpoint

Guests riding the Peak Express to the summit of Whistler Mountain will notice construction through the summer months on the Peak Suspension Bridge and West Ridge Viewpoint. These exciting new lookouts will be finished in the fall and open to the public for the winter season.

Read the Pique Newsmagazine’s full story on the new Whistler suspension bridge here.