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What is Wanderlust Whistler?

The Wanderlust Whistler festival is a five-day celebration of body, mind, soul, and spirit. For some it’s a transformational retreat, and for others it’s a chance to disconnect from their fast-paced daily lives, and refocus their energy on themselves and on mindful living.

Over the five days festival-goers can choose from a remarkable number of activities, workshops and adventures with world-famous yoga and meditation instructors, musical performers, speakers, artists, and chefs.

Festival theme: Find Your True North

Do I have to be good at yoga to attend Wanderlust Whistler?


Absolutely not. There is much more to Wanderlust than just yoga – there’s music, food, drink, creative workshops, hikes, meditation, seminars, and outdoor adventures. While yoga is a large part of meditation and mindfulness practices for many of the attendees, it is possible to enjoy Wanderlust without taking a single yoga class. All ages, interests and abilities are encouraged to take part in the festival.

For example, we’re most excited about these non-yoga classes and events for 2017:

+ Meditating When You’re In Chaos – Is It Even Possible?
+ Light + Dark: A Nourishing Practice [Blacklight] + Farm To Table Dinner, at the Roundhouse Lodge
+ Stay True to Your Core Happiness
+ Elijah Ray Evening Performance
+ Con Brio Opening Performance
+ Farm To Table DInner

Can I buy tickets for individual events or must I buy a full festival pass?


There are many different ticket types for the Wanderlust Whistler festival. The most popular are the 5-day Wanderlust tickets, the 3-day Wanderlust tickets, or the individual Wanderlust day tickets. These tickets get you access to scheduled events (you must sign-up ahead of time) on those days.

Some special events do cost extra and are marked with a “$” on the schedule.

Is Wanderlust Whistler just for women?

Wanderlust Festival

Not at all. Wellness, friendship, health, and education is for everyone; and every year male teachers, instructors, participants and artists take part in the Wanderlust Whistler festival.

Are there other Wanderlust festivals?

Yes, there are Wanderlust festivals in Canada, the United States, and Australia.

Wanderlust festivals in Canada:

+ Whistler, British Columbia:
+ Tremblant, Quebec City:

Wanderlust festivals in the Australia:

+ Sunshine Coast, Queensland:

Wanderlust festivals in the United States:

+ Oahu, Hawaii:

Book tickets for Wanderlust Whistler

We hope this post has inspired you to take part in Wanderlust Whistler in whatever way feels good for you. To book tickets for any of the events we’ve mentioned, or buy 3 – 5 days Wanderlust Whistler festival passes, please visit the

Have a wonderful festival, namaste.