If you’ve skied Whistler – then like me, you’ve probably sat at the top of Whistler Mountain, looked out over countless mountain tops, and had your mind blown by the awe-inspiring beauty that lay before you. And although I can truly appreciate the scenes before me, any attempt I make at capturing these images with a camera tend to end up in the “disappointing is an understatement” department.

So it is with huge respect and admiration that I look upon the work of accomplished photographer and Whistler local,  Ashley Barker. Her images seem to resonate with vivid truth and are so full of life that if I let my mind wander, I can actually feel a brisk mountain breeze. Unlike some photographers who seem to have singular style, Ashley excels in an array of photography – and is sought after for everything from weddings to commercial product shots to action/adventure.

While Ashley has worked with many clients in many different industries, even lending her lens to capture the spirit of Summit Lodge & Spa, her photography is largely renowned and coveted within the mountain culture world.

Formally trained, but passion driven – Ashley, only in her mid-twenties, has broken through the seemingly impenetrable male-dominated world of lifestyle/action photography. An accomplished athlete in her own right, Ashley braves the conditions to get the shot. With over a decade of experience under her belt and 8 published magazine covers, Ashley’s clientele is impressive and includes such big-wigs as TransWorld Magazine, Snowboarder Magazine, Golden Ride Magazine, DC, Quicksilver, Billabong and many more.

I could go on and on about how Ashley’s work is important for female photographers everywhere or how she is a photographic ambassador to the natural world or that she is simply an awesome Whistler local, but in an effort not to expose the “photographers-crush” I clearly have – I’ll simply leave you with a Q&A from a previous interview and links to her portfolio and photography blog.

Sharp Shooters: Behind the Scenes with TransWorld’s Elite Senior Photographer Ashley Barker

Q: First Cover?

A: Snowboarder 2007

Q: If I were a camera, I’d be a ______.

A: Leica

Q: Best excuse for blowing the shot.

A: I didn’t hear you call dropping on the radio

Q: One accessory you can’t shoot without

A: The rider

Q: Black & White or Color?

A: Black & White

Q: One tip that changed your career?

A: Backlight

Q: Advice for up-and-comers?

A: Take risks and don’t shoot stock

Q: Top three photographers?

A: Richard Avedon, Annie Lebowitz & David LaChapelle