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The aurora’s swirling colours may light up night skies as far south as 50 degrees geomagnetic latitude, says the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, potentially making the light show visible to people in places as far as Oregon and Illinois. That’s fantastic news for us here in Whistler!

A northern lights article by CBC says that it’s likely that it will be cities along the Canada-US boarder and further north who will get a glimpse of the lights. The New Year’s Eve night skies are forecast to be clear and bright, so after the midnight fireworks at Skiers Plaza turn your eyes north towards Wedge Mountain and Armchair Glacier, and you might get a little extra sparkle on New Year’s Eve.

Aurora in Whistler

Whistler has been buzzing with northern lights all year, here are just a few of the fascinating and magical photos of aurora in Whistler through 2015.

Full list of top aurora photos from Whistler, here: Whistler Northern Lights: 16 Aurora Photographs That Will Make You Wish You’d Stayed Awake This Summer

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Happy New Year, may your days be filled with spontaneous adventure, midnight swims, and unforgettable moments!