The eagle is a sacred, wise and noble creature representing power and prestige to the First Nations People of the Northwest Coast; and every year one of the largest congregations of bald eagles in North America can be found just 40 minuets south of Whistler.

Between the months of November and January, the spawning salmon return to the Squamish River Valley bringing with them hundreds of majestic bald eagles that perch and roost along the Squamish River watershed.

Where to go eagle spotting in Squamish

Peak season for spotting the bald eagles is between mid-December and mid-January and the best place to go is the “Eagle Run Park” viewing facility. Brackendale Eagles Provincial Park is also a beautiful recreational area to visit even if you’re not here during eagle spotting season.

Brackendale Eagles Provincial Park

Brackendale Eagles Provincial Park lies in the Squamish River watershed, an area that once held a world record count of 3,769 eagles. Due to the park’s high conservation values it is closed for recreational use from October 1 to March 31 of each year.

Eagle Run Park

This interpretive viewing facility is located on the municipal dyke across from the Easter Seal Camp on Government Road in Brackendale. Exit Highway 99 at Mamquam Road and head north on Government Road to the viewing area.

Guided eagle watching in Squamish

bald eagle in tree

Eagle Watch is a wonderful (and free) community-based interpretive program offered at the Eagle Run Park viewing area. Every weekend friendly volunteers bursting with knowledge help visitors understand eagle and salmon life cycles and behaviours. Interpreters welcome visitors each weekend until early February, and have telescopes on-hand to help you get an close-up view.

online: The Eagle Watch Interpreter Program on Facebook


How to get to Squamish and Brackendale

From Whistler – 60km, 45 minutes
From Vancouver Airport – 81km, 1 hour 15 minutes
From Seattle – 295km, 3 hours 45 minutes

A suburb just north of Squamish on highway 99, Brackendale is roughly 45 minutes drive from Whistler. To drive to Brackendale from Whistler simply follow highway 99 south out of Whistler for about 60km. On the approach to Squamish you will see a sign that reads “Brackendale. Winter Home of the Bald Eagle”. At the next set of lights turn right off highway 99 on to Depot Road East and follow signs for Brackendale or Eagle Run Park.