Canadian Wilderness Adventures are a Whistler-based tour group offering unforgettable outdoor experiences. If you ever find yourself on their Yukon Breakfast tour, your day will look something like this:

7:30AM – Check in at the Canadian Wilderness office beneath the Carlton Lodge. Hop on a shuttle to the Callaghan Valley.

8:15AM – Arrive at the launch point. Get fitted with helmets, boots, and everything else needed to stay safe and dry on the expedition. Meet your guide and learn how to drive a snowmobile.

8:45AM – Fire up the engines and take off. Practice basic skills like weaving back and forth and pumping the breaks.

9:00AM – Stop for a break in a section of old-growth forest. Take pictures. Play in the snow.

9:30AM – Practice riding through trees and banked turns in preparation of the most difficult section of the tour. Weave your way up to the hut.

10:00AM – Arrive at the hut and sit down for hot coffee and a skillet style mountain feast including Canadian back bacon, Yukon gold potatoes, scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, sauteed onions, and bell peppers along with pancakes and real maple syrup.

11:00AM – Take photos and fire up the engines for the return trip.

11:30AM – Zig zag around a frozen lake before completing the ehxilerating ride back to the base.

11:45AM – Touch down at the base and board the shuttle back to the Village. Full bellies and happy faces all around!

To learn more about the Yukon Breakfast tour by Canadian Wilderness Adventures, click here.