In a historic decision, today the NDP government announced that the hunting of grizzly bears is hereby banned in British Columbia.

Trophy hunting grizzly bears was banned earlier this year, and now all shooting of grizzlies – including hunting them for meat – has been banned.

Supporters of the decision believe it’s a long needed, common sense step towards preserving grizzly populations in BC.  According to the government, 78% of respondents voted in favour of the ban.

“Through consultations this past fall, we have listened to what British Columbians have to say on this issue and it is abundantly clear that the grizzly hunt is not in line with their values,” said Forest, Lands, and Rural Development Minister Doug Donaldson.

Some parties, namely hunting guides, are upset about the decision, claiming it will put them out of business.

The ban does not apply to First Nations, who will still be able to hunt grizzlies for various purposes.

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