Last month we welcomed Ontario artist, Brian Porter to the Summit Lodge as our new featured artist.

Brian’s vibrant and lively wildlife portraits are on display in our lobby and can be purchased from the Plaza Galleries in Whistler Village.

Brian Porter Moose Whistler Brian Porter Artist Brian Porter IMG_0409

Brian Porter at the Summit Lodge Whistler IMG_0400

Brian Porter Artist In Front of His Work At The Summit Lodge Whistler IMG_0399

How Brian’s unique art work came to be is an inspiring story of adversity, serendipity, perseverance, and courage. After spending his youth traveling to places like Japan and Bali as a successful graffiti and mural artist, Brian suddenly found himself struggling to hold on to his artistic talent.

In 2008 an accident at work in 2008 left Brian with a traumatic brain injury that had him questioning if he’d ever draw again.

A full year went by without being able to create. No painting, drawing or sketching. Starting to feel as though he was losing a part of himself, Brian had a fortunate chance encounter with a stranger who changed the course of his life, she said “the old you is dead. You have to be reborn and accept who you are, what you’re good at, what you’re not good at. You have to figure out your limitations and become a new person”. And so Brian’s beautiful artwork was born.

You can read more about how the injury that shaped the future of this up-and-coming Canadian artist in the Pique Newsmagazine: