Some people are naturally excellent skiers. I’m sure that, like me, you’ve seen them whizzing past after yet another blunder has left you lying in the snow. You’ve been “doing the pizza” to help you keep control, but you’re quickly losing confidence on the hill. Humph!

If this sounds familiar, fear not! This checklist is designed to help you prepare for the upcoming ski season, and in no time, you’ll become a great skier blazing down the Whistler Blackcomb slopes!

Summit’s Guide to Success Skiing

1. Be prepared for the weather

It’s recommended to wear layered ski clothes that maintain the heat you produce when skiing. Avoid cotton, instead wear thermal materials like polyester and polypropylene as a basic layer; these materials absorb moisture and provide full dryness. For the mid layer, wear anything that is insulating like a sweater or a turtleneck, designed to keep you warm and comfortable. The final layer is the outer layer, which is in contact with your environment i.e. ski jacket and ski pants. This layer will provide you with protection from external forces and cushion inevitable falls.

2. Take Lessons

Take it from Virginia who says “Even though I don’t totally suck, I’m a burden to ski with. So, I signed up for a Max 4 Ski Lesson with Whistler Blackcomb. A maximum of 4 people per instructor means you get some great one-on-one ski instruction. For anyone relatively new to Whistler Blackcomb, a ski lesson can be so much more than just a technical adjustment or skills refresher. It can be an opportunity to get to know the mountain on a more personal, comfortable level.”

3. Know you way around the mountain

It’s such a pain to pull out that big awkward paper trail map that gets wrinkled and soggy or caught in the wind. Google Maps now has ski mountain maps, including Whistler Blackcomb. Blue, green and black runs are shown as solid coloured lines and ski lifts are red dotted lines. The maps are comprehensive and accurate, helping you to find the best route down the hill.

This season, don’t stifle your inner-skier. Use these helpful tips to prevent you from crashing and burning in front of your holiday friends. Remember, have fun! The friendly staff at Summit Lodge & Spa is eager to help you plan your stay and day out on the slopes. Call Toll-free 1 (888) 913.8811.