There is a Moorish proverb that we’re rather fond of it says “he who does not travel does not know the value of men”.
Exploring the ancient Medicine Trail you’ll get to touch First Nation’s statues and old growth trees, hear and learn about First Nation’s culture and history, and even taste the traditional Aboriginal teas that grow along the trail.

A short history of the British Columbia west coast

The west coast of British Columbia is one of the most culturally rich places on earth. 10,000 years ago, when the great glaciers began to retreat BC’s first people may have journeyed to the region from Asia via a land bridge across the Bering Sea. As the ice receded, forests flourished in the newly fertile land and it is thought that BC’s coastal region became one of the most densely populated areas in North America.

Prior to European contact, BC’s First Nations populations may have numbered some 300,000. The Aboriginal way of life continued undisturbed for thousands of years, until the arrival of the British in 1778.
The Medicine Trail Snowshoe tour with Canadian Wilderness Adventures is an educational and respectful reminder of the true foundation on which this part of BC owes so much.

The Medicine Trail snowshoeing excursion

entering the medicine trail on snowshoes in the sun

You guide will walk you through an ancient forest full of mystery along a historic trappers path – sharing with you, along the way, the traditional local knowledge of the local First Nations. You’ll be offered healing teas hand-made from plants that grow along The Medicine Trail, as you travel deep into a special ancient forest in the Callaghan Valley. Hear a brief history of the area’s traditional uses and ways of the past. Let your imagination go as you gaze upon giant cedar, fir and hemlock trees that provide a canopy high above. Your tour will finish back at the caboose where you can warm up by the roaring fire.

Add The Medicine Trail snowshoe tour to your room booking

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You can book The Medicine Trail snowshoe tour in two ways:

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What you’ll need for snowshoeing The Medicine Trail

Stading next to a 500 year old tree on the medicine trail with canadian wilderness adventures

+ Winter clothing – ski/snowboard pants and jacket are great (as shown in the video)
+ Good, sturdy boots. Either walking boots, hiking boots or snowboard boots
+ Gloves, hat, scarf if it is a particularly cold day
+ Goggles or sunglasses to protect your eyes from the glare of the snow if it is sunny; or from falling snow if it is snowing
+ Be physically fit and comfortable with up to 3 hours of moderate walking pace

Departs: 9:00am & 12:00pm

Duration: 2.5-3 hours (round trip)

Cost: $89 Adult, $59 Youth (under 15yrs)