It started with Warrior Dash in 2011, then came Tough Mudder, Red Bull 400, IronMan, Salomon Peak to Valley, and now Mudderella. Every year Whistler is host to more and more events that asks participants to push themselves to the limits of their physical and mental endurance – but really, is there a better town to host such events. You could argue that exactly what living in Whistler is about.

What is Mudderella?

Mudderella is a women’s only version of Tough Mudder. A non-competitive, world-class obstacle course designed by women that challenges you to “leave everything else in the mud” and “own your strong”.

What does it mean to “own your strong”?

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According to Mudderella, at its core “own your strong” is about empowering women to take pride in their strength – inside and out– through the acknowledgement of 3 truths:

1. You’re Stronger Than You Think

2. There’s More To Life Than Going To The Gym

3. You Deserve An Awesome Experience

Do I have to be an athlete to do Mudderella?

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No, absolutely not. You don’t even really have to go to the gym. It will certainly make it easier if you do some training beforehand, but remember that Mudderella is NOT a race – the goal is just to complete the course. It’s about starting together and finishing together.

Mudderella has a whole host of exercises online to help you prepare, and you can even sign up to their weekly training program:

Once you’ve signed up and made it to the event,  the Mudderella team run a short “Stretch and Strengthen” warm-up to get you all pumped-up and ready for the course.

What can I expect on the Mudderella course?

The courses are 5–7 miles and include 12–15 obstacles. It’s a true athletic challenge, designed to test all-around fitness.

It helps to be a comfortable runner, but you don’t have to able to run a marathon. You can go through the course at your own speed, walking is perfectly ok, and there are opportunities to take breaks from running at each obstacle. There are also walk-arounds for for each obstacle, You can also skip any that you don’t feel comfortable with.

NOTE: If you’re not a confident swimmer do NOT try the water obstacle.

Below is a sample course map to give you an idea of what to expect.


How do I sign up for Mudderella Whistler?

You can take part in Mudderella either as a team or an individual. Teams can be a pre-arranged group of friends, but if you’d like to make new ones you can also search for teams who need extra members.

Ticket prices go up as event day approaches, with on the day sign up being $140.

Sign up to Mudderella as a team or individual here:

If you’re taking part, have an amazing day – we know you’re going to rock it. Have fun!