Skywalk is a fantastic new high-alpine trail on Rainbow mountain in Whistler, BC. The trail’s most popular attraction is Iceberg Lake and the surrounding meadows that are ablaze with flowers July – September.

The trail, completed in fall of 2014, was a joint effort between volunteers from the Alpine Club of Canada, Whistler residents, and the Resort Municipality of Whistler (who kindly donated and delivered 3 loads of materials by helicopter).

How to get to Skywalk trail and Iceberg Lake, Whistler

  1. Start at the north end of Flank trail at the top of Alpine Way in Alpine Meadows.
  2. Walk up Flank for about 90 minutes
  3. Cross 19 Mile Creek and exit Flank at the freshly built connector, known as “Escape Route”
  4. Follow Escape Route above the tree line, where Skywalk the begins in the Rainbow Mountain alpine.
  5. Estimated round trip distance, 14km. Allow 7-8 hours.

Local knowledge: Best time to hike Skywalk trail is late June – early October. Outside of these months it is very likely you will encounter deep snow in the alpine.

For a more detailed route and amazing photos, we recommend visiting Local Whistler’s blog post here:

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