Next time you visit Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel, you may notice a little Sock Monkey friend sitting on your pillow.


During a recent meeting with the fine folks at Summit Lodge, I entered a hotel room to look at some of the upgrades (Summit Lodge has been steadily upgrading their decor) and I immediately zeroed in on this cute little Sock Monkey. What this? I asked. While everyone was talking about the new paint and colour themes, I was focused on this neat little thing, somewhat out-of-place in a hotel room.

Tony Medd, General Manager at Summit Lodge, explained it is a new partnership they’ve arranged with Vancouver’s Ugly Sock Monkey, to offer these in-room to guests. If they decide to “adopt” them, they are charged $15 (actually half the price from the website) – additionally, $7 of that will be donated to the local animal shelter, Whistler Animals Galore (WAG).


Ugly Sock Monkeys are handmade in Vancouver, BC, Canada by Monkey Artist Kirsty Senior. Each monkey is thoughtfully created and lovingly stuffed with 100% recycled filling. All monkeys are fully machine-washable.

It’s initiatives like this one that sets Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel apart from other hotels in Whistler. The staff are caring and thoughtful enough to bring something extra special and unexpected into the visits of their guests. To me, it shows that they relate to their guests and understand it’s the little things that make your time spent there amazing. And kid or not, everyone loves a sock monkey.