Have you ever wondered what the “big idea” is behind the Summit Lodge? This week we were very fortunate to be featured in the Whistler Question with wonderful column written by the Whistler Chamber. We are so very grateful to them for letting us share our story.

Growing People To Grow A Business: Our commitment to our staff and the community

The five-star service that the Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel delivers is not just exclusive to their guests. This team is also delivering five star service to their community. They are striving to be a pioneer as a sustainable hospitality business and that means making a positive impact in the community they call home.

Already a leader in their industry, the lodge won “Canada’s Best Ski Boutique Hotel” at the 2014 World Ski Awards last November, but this lodge is also striving for leadership on a local level.

The lodge is growing its own success by helping the people around them grow. From diversifying the skill-sets of their staff to giving young local businesses a boost when starting out, this hotel has a culture of creating shared value.

This is a snippet of the opening few words – we’d really love for you to head on over to their website and read the full (3 min read) article: whistlerquestion.com/the-big-idea-growing-people-to-grow-a-business

Thank you, always, for all your support. We couldn’t do this without you, our incredible guests!