Creative people can be really hard to by gifts for – they have a taste and style that’s unique to them and it’s not always easy to figure out what they’d like. But creative minds of all kinds have one thing in common. Whether the recipient of your gift is a musician, a poet, a photographer or an artist, creative people all love to make things. They relish in the feeling of making something from scratch, so we’ve put together this list of 5 awesome gifts to help you satisfy their creative itch.

All of the following gift ideas can be purchased from our lovely neighbours at Three Singing Birds, Main Street, Whistler (Google Maps location below).

 1. Needlefelting kits

Creative Christmas Gifts: Needlefelting Whistler

Price: $21 + tax.

Why we think they’ll love them:

Felting is a lost art, it requires time and patience to make anything that doesn’t just resemble a ball of fluff. But once you get going it’s addictive. A lot of creative jobs are very heavy on screen time, so a cute little project like felting is the perfect excuse for your creative friend to give their eyes a rest and still do something fun! Also, just look at that owl, who wouldn’t love that little guy as a desk buddy.

 2. Linoleum Stamp Making Kit

Linoleum print making kit Whistler

Price: $40 + tax.

Why we think they’ll love it:

Stamping is literally the coolest way to make your own labels for projects – and as you know creative people are always starting new projects. This awesome lino print making set contains everything your creative friend needs to make custom designs for bags, packages, boxes, cards, labels and, well, anything that needs embellishing with their logo or name.

 3. D.I.Y Tea Towel Decorating Kit

Tea Towel Decorating Kit Whistller

Price: $34 + tax.

Why we think they’ll love it:

Crafting and tea drinking go hand-in-hand, especially on snowy winter nights. So if your creative friend also happens to be a cat lover too, you definitely can’t go wrong with this awesome kit. Once they’ve made the tea towels, maybe get them the lino stamp kit (above) for their next birthday and, bingo, your friend can start selling their wares at the Whistler Farmers Market.

 4. D.I.Y Tote Bag Decorating Kit

DIY Tote Bag Kit Whistller

Price: $34 + tax.

Why we think they’ll love it:

After making all of these wonderful products your creative friend is going to need a bag to put them all in. And look at that, there’s a DIY tote bag to match made from 100% cotton!

 5. Old School Twine and Lables

Crafty Christmas gifts from 3 singing birds whistler

Price: $22.50 + tax.

Why we think they’ll love it:

Knot & Bow is a carefully curated collection of modern, nostalgic paper goods and supplies. The charm of these little label and twine packs is in their old school simplicity, and they’ll definitely catch the eyes and hearts of any designer who appreciates vintage style.

 6. Vintage Scissors & Twine

Vintage twine and scissors from 3 singing birds whistler

Price: starting at $21.50 + tax.

Why we think they’ll love it:

If a creative person has to choose between two functional objects that both do the same thing, they’ll always pick the one that is more visually appealing. Brass handled scissors may not seem like the obvious choice for a Christmas present, but creative people and design geeks love nothing more than gifts that combine form, fashion and function. And we’re totally bias, because we do actually own more than one a set of these!

Merry Christmas from,

the Art of Living design nerds!


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