This week Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in Davos, Switzerland representing Canada at the World Economic Forum. Where, during an interview for the CNN segment, Fareed Zakaria GPS, the PM reminisced on his time as snowboard instructor at Whistler Blackcomb and unabashedly told the audience they “just have just got to come to Whistler”.

Watch the segment of Prime Minister Trudeau’s interview where he plugs Whistler to the crowd.

Full interview with PM Trudeau:

Canada’s Snowboarding Prime Minister

prime minister trudeau snowboard instructor

As the second youngest Prime Minster in Canadian history and a graduate of the University of British Columbia, it’s not surprising that PM Trudeau learned to snowboard. In an interview with CBC, one of Justin Trudeau’s snowboarding pals said that the now PM would drive up to Whistler on weekends to teach the Whistler Blackcomb Ride Tribe programs, designed to get teens into snowboarding.

Although Justin is the son of former Prime Minster Pierr Trudeau, it would seems that while he was at university he lived a regular ski/snowboard bum life just like the rest of us:

“Justin drove an exceptionally crappy car. We used to nickname it the Staff Car. More often than not, we’d be huddled around a little heater in the front seat. I’d have to hop out at intersections and push the car so it wouldn’t die. It was always a miracle we made it to where we were going.” – univeristy friend Sean Smillie, in an interview with CBC: Justin Trudeau built for speed and risk

We think you’ll agree that Canada gets points for having the coolest Prime Minister, ever.

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