The first Saturday in September is home to the annual Salomon Valley to Peak race. The race is a full vertical climb from the Whistler valley to the peak of Whistler mountain. Runners will ascend 1,600 metres (5,200 feet) along a gruelling  23 kilometre (14.3 mile) course.

The race will be the first of its kind on the world-class trails at Whistler Blackcomb.

“Salomon has a deep and continued heritage of innovation and passion for mountain sports, making every trail the start of a new adventure. The Valley to Peak Race is not about covering distance, it’s about reaching the top and challenging yourself in the mountains to perform your very best.” – Virginie Murdison, Marketing Manager for Amer Sports Canada, Salomon’s parent company.

Salomon Peak To Valley race course route

Racers will start outside the Salomon store in Whistler village then:

1. Up to the mountain access road to the 0.7km marker
2. EZ Does it to the top of Fitzsimmons chairlift
3. Connector from the base of Garbanzo to Expressway
4. Expressway to Raven’s Nest
5. Up Highway 86 to Pony Trail
6. Up to Bear Cub Road
7. Up Papoose to Chic Pea
8. Up Una Moss to RHL
9. Down to Harmony lake
10. Up High Note trail

Any updates to the course or event will be posted in the Salomon store in Whistler village and at the event page on Facebook:

Click on the map to enlarge. This is the Whistler Bike Park trail map and shows stages 1, 2 and 8 that are raced on bike trails.

Click on the map to enlarge. This is the winter trail map and shows stages 3 and 7 that are raced on ski runs.

Click on the map to enlarge. This is the winter trail map and shows stages 9 and 10 that are raced on alpine hiking trails.

whistler blackcomb alpine hiking map

Salomon Peak To Valley race regulations

This is one of the most intense trail running races we have ever seen in Whistler, so we’ve highlighted a few of the points to help you make the most of your race.

1. Participants must be 17 years of age or older on race day

2. The alpine stages are high and exposed. Be prepared for these stages to be 10ºc cooler than the valley

3. Bring personal equipment for an alpine environment, be prepared for cold weather (toque, gloves, long sleeves) and always carry a course map. You can check the race day weather at

4. High Note Trail is remote. While there will be medical patrol on-hand still make sure you program the Whistler Blackcomb emergency number in your phone: 604-935-5555

5. Runners are must not store supplies of any kind along the trail, or receive help outside of designated Aid Stations. You must be self-sufficient with adequate water and calories and finally our favourite rule (that only a race in Whistler would need to mention)

6. Running with your dog on course will lead to disqualification

The full list of race rules and regulations is posted on the Whistler Blackcomb website, here:

Register for the Salomon Valley To Peak race

Early entry (until August 23rd, 2015) is $50 for solo racers and $120 for a three person team. For more information, or to sign up, please visit

Happy racing and good luck!