Before any adventure there’s a spark of inspiration.

Inspiration that come from seeing something that moves you at an instinctive, unspoken level. It moves you to go there, be there, see there, and experience…there.

Wherever “there” is that inspired you there’s no stronger drive than in that very moment.

For most people, that spark of motivation to immerse yourself in a place comes from a movie, a documentary, a photograph, or a story from a friend. In our case it came from a birds-eye-view from a Cessna 172 – a small plane being flown by Sea To Sky Air 7,000ft above Squamish.

The incredible thing about this experience is that it takes out the middleman. The inspirational shots in a Sherpas Cinema movie, the epic vistas in a BBC documentary, the wild photographs in National Geographic…they all come from the air.

All of these photos were taken on the Squamish Sightseeing tour with Sea To Sky Air. The tour is $109, and it massively over delivers compared to other activities of the same price.

Don’t watch it on TV or in a movie, see it with your own eyes.


Rising high above the small town of Squamish after taking off from Squamish Airport. It’s easy to see why Squamish is known as “outdoor adventure capital of the world”.

Local knowledge: On the left (just behind the nose of the plane) you can see The Stawamus Chief – the world’s second largest granite outcrop and climbing mecca. On the right and ahead, the Howe Sound – the world’s most southernly fjord and home to orcas, seals and dolphins.


Flying towards the Tantalus Range and towards Rumbling Glacier.


If you’ve ever driven the Sea to Sky Highway you’ll almost certainly have stopped and pulled into the Tantalus Range Lookout. This is a photo of the backside of that range. The Haberl backcountry hut is just out of shot.


Sea To Sky Air run their sightseeing tours all year-round. We can’t wait to go back here in the winter.


Rumbling Glacier is part of the vast expanse of ancient ice that carved the very shape of the mountains in the Sea to Sky Corridor.

Just over 10,000 years ago this entire region was covered in a layer of glacial ice almost a mile thick. Peaks like Mount Tantalus have retained their jagged appearance as the glaciers retreated because they were tall enough to poke out of the top. Other mountains that are rounded on top, sat below the ice and were ground down as the glaciers moved.


This shot of the other plane that flew with us really shows the scale of Rumbling Glacier.



Flying towards Alpha Mountain and deeper to the wilderness of BC.


For us the highlight of the trip was flying into the basin that holds Lake Lovely Water, in Tantalus Provincial Park. You can just about see the other plane on the left of the shot.

Book a Squamish Sightseeing Flight with Sea To Sky Air

Cost: $109 + tax

Duration: Flight time is 35 minutes, but allow 1hr 15mins for total experience from beginning to end.

When to go: We flew with Sea To Sky Air at the end of August, but we plan on going to experience it in every season. They fly all year-round, and you just imagine how spectacular this will be in the winter!

Things to take: Camera – this is the single most important thing you can take.

Don’t just take our word for it, see what others have to say about Squamish’s number one activity on TripAdvisor.

Happy flying!