The Beer Farmers are a 4th generation organic family farm on a mission to create the 100% local pint. One of only a handful breweries in North America that grows their own barley, they create a regional terroir in their farmhouse beers. The Beer Farmers know that farmhouse beer is process, not a style, so they let their quality, homegrown ingredients stay in the spotlight of their stripped back – approachable beers.

Located on a beautiful organic farm where they grow their own hops and barley, the Beer Farmers offer a true farm-to-glass experience.

In 1895, W.M. Miller immigrated from Scotland to Pemberton, BC, where he carved a farm out of the valley wilderness. Over 120 years later, the organic farm remains in the family, with his great grandchildren using their knowledge of the land to craft “a beer that truly reflects the region it comes from”.

If you’re in Pemberton, stop by their tasting room for an on-farm brewery experience (open Wednesday-Friday 12-9 and Saturday, Sunday 12-11).

See what’s on tap and learn more about the Beer Formers here: