Snow covered gondolas at Whistler Blackcomb

feature image: Coast Mountain Photography

There’s a storm brewin’ and it’s heading straight for Whistler, BC.

According to Whistler Blackcomb is set to get just under 70 cm of snow in the next four days, between February 3rd and February 6th, 2017.

Full Snow Forecast report for Whistler: for Whistler BC


Whistler Blackcomb Snow Forecast

The official Whistler Blackcomb forecast, provided by RWDI – Consulting Engineers and Scientists, is calling for anywhere between and 32 and 70 cm over the same four day period.

Full Whistler Blackcomb snow report: 

Whistler Blackcomb Snow Forecast

Everyone has their own favourite forecasting method; and whether yours is the official Whistler Blackcomb website, the Farmer’s Almanac, or folklore about how many crows are gather together in the morning, it certainly looks like Whistler’s in for a fun few days.

See you on the hill!