If you’re going to ask anyone’s opinion on a hike in Whistler, The Expeditioners would not be a bad place to start. Bella and Roberto traverse the world documenting their travels and inspire millions of people to get out and explore. You’d be hard pressed to find a part of Whistler they haven’t camped, paddled, ski toured, or hiked.

We regularly have the pleasure of having The Expeditioners stay with us for a few days while they are in between trips, and we couldn’t miss an opportunity to pick their adventurous brains for some hiking recommendations.

Here are the top 3 hikes in Whistler for all abilities, as recommended by The Expeditioners.

1. Wedgemount Lake (advanced)

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“This particular hike is definitely our favourite. It’s the most difficult of our mini list, but also the most rewarding. A beautiful alpine lake sits at the top— crowned by mountains all around. In fall, Whistler’s valley can be getting copious quantities of rain—but  that often means a sprinkling of snow in the alpine. And with Wedgemount Lake- -that’s more than often the case.” – Bella

“While the lake is beautiful in summer, in fall it’s absolutely stunning for the simple reason that the surrounding landscape is often covered with a white blanket of snow. And that makes for a surreal setting. Only a few kilometres from Whistler, the access is just a skip away from town. But be prepared for 1200m of elevation gain to the top and be ready that once you break into the alpine, the weather can change very very quickly. The night before the last time we went, there was hail and lightning— and that was in summer. Choose between big ample platforms to pitch your tent, or designated spots all around the lake.” – Roberto


2. Cheakamus Lake (easy)

“We love lakes. The ocean. Water in general. Aside from having easy access to H20 for drinking or cooking, it’s the special feeling that being next to a body of water. Which I guess is why our favourite hikes either lead to a lake or are in the general vicinity of one. Cheakamus lake is another beautiful mountain lake in the Whistler area. And it seems that with every visit, the mountains and the lake are dressed differently. Not only did the extremely easy (7km) hike become our most frequented one in the past year, but we also camped there and biked there more times than I can count.” – Bella

I lay there just thinking about everything that’s happened in the past 4 years. I was alone- camped up by Cheakamus.. made more pensive by the silence and the view. During that time- we traveled, lived out of a van, truck, camper, rarely knowing what the next day would bring, nor where we would sleep more often than not… we paddled the fjords of Iceland, dove into the emerald hues of cenotes in Mexico, dove with Great Whites, went on safari and so much more- backcountry skiing, kayaking, hiking, diving, kiting, exploring, growing as a couple.. as people. Definitely wiser. It’s been a bumpy road, with valleys, peaks, and even a canyon here and there- but we kept focused on what we wanted out of this whole concept: To be happy- explore– and do it all together. I always told friends and family that if nothing worked out as @expeditionersbella and I planned, we’ll simply build a cabin in Canada’s deep bush, by a lake- be happy, and make little expeditioners. I can have nothing. And yet I have everything with my lady- add some nature to that mix.. and I am a happy man indeed. #TheBCProject | @guidetocanada

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“Watch for the beautiful colour the ferns turn to in fall— and it only lasts until the first couple of freezing nights. An added bonus of this wonderful hike and camp spot is that it is a superb places to watch speckled skies (stars) as they reflect on the ultra-still lake.” – Roberto

3. Joffre Lakes (easy to intermediate)

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“Bring your brother, bring your dad, bring your sister’s mother’s brother’s friends. This is a hike the whole family will relish. We rarely venture to Joffre lakes in the summer time— but love to do so in fall and winter. For one, there’s barely anyone there in the shoulder season of fall, but you also get to capture the lake before it freezes over. The trail has been flattened and widened to make it a very easy hike to the three lakes: Lower, Middle, and Upper Joffre.” – Roberto

“Crowds of people swarm here on weekends in summer, so try and avoid them— and get out/and up here during the week if possible. Fall temperatures will also bring some cold wind- so make sure to be ready with the right apparel for this hike.” – Bella

This first night we arrived up at Upper Joffre Lake, a carpet of clouds covered the sky. But on the second night… well.. ? Countdown is ON for our instameet! Come hang-out at lost Lake (meeting at parking lot next to Lake) to see if we can capture some speckled skies! Then Saturday morning at 9:30am we’re meeting at the Ancient Cedar Trailhead for a fun snowshoeing up to the grove! (Directions: Drive 5-10min North of Whistler until you see a sign on your left to go up Cougar Mountain– take that road up for 5 minutes ’til you see The Expeditioners Truck) | Then we’re meeting at 3:30pm again at Lost Lake to catch the Alpen Glow. | Then on Sunday Morning we’re meeting at the Joffre Lakes Parking lot at 9:30am for our snowshoe hike up to Upper Joffre Lake to camp for the night⛺ ! Monday morning we break camp and hike out! Then Tuesday at 10am we’re meeting at the Inukshuk at top of @whistlerblackcomb to ski/snowboard! Then on Wednesday we’re meeting at the parking lot to backcountry ski up to Keith’s Hut in Cerise Creek! Join us for #TheBCProject Instameet! your hosts: @expeditionersbella @taylormichaelburk @brookewillson @calsnape Sponsors : @whistlerblackcomb @gowhistler @hiltonwhistler @summitlodge @westcomb

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