Jamie McDonald Fundraiser is Adventureman

Last time he was in Canada, British fundraiser (and part-time superhero), Jamie McDonald ran the entire width of Canada. Yep, coast to coast. After 5000 miles with no support crew, battling -40’C temperatures in Alberta and frostbite Jamie finally got to Vancouver having raised over $250,00 for children’s charities and hospitals here and in the UK. It’s fair to say that Jamie won over the hearts of our staff and the nation!

Jamie McDonald's cross-canada route

Jamie is surprised by British TV show with a well-deserved vacation

UK TV show Surprise Surprise heard about Jamie’s amazing feat and surprised him with the gift of a dream vacation back to Canada, courtesy of Canadian Affair, the Summit Lodge and the Marriott Vancouver. This time for a more relaxing stay. As soon as we found out about the surprise (surprise) we jumped at the chance to help Canada say a big giant thank you to Jamie and and his cousin Kev (Jamie’s fundraising partner in crime).

Hockey Shirt and Bear Hat Gifts for Jamie and Kev

Welcome card for jamie and kev

We’ve had a wonderful week with Jamie and Kev. They are two of the nicest, funniest and most down-to-earth people you could ever wish to meet. We really do consider them our new British BFF’s and we’re really going to miss having them around the hotel. We sincerely hope to see them again… maybe in the UK!

Courtney and Chantell poloroid for Jamie and Kev

P.S. Remember, Jamie and Kev, from now on our home is your home 🙂

Jamie and Kev Olympic Rings

BBC short documentary about Jamie’s cross-Canada run