How to Avoid the Squamish Valley Music Festival Traffic | Stay in Whistler

If you remember last year, many of us were delayed up to four hours in baking-hot and stagnant traffic backed up at far back as Britannia Beach, 12kms south of Squamish. This year, don’t be that guy. With the incredible line-up including Eminem, Bruno Mars, Arcade Fire, Arctic Monkeys and more, you can expect that this party is going to be BIG! Planning ahead can save you some time, and maximize your festival experience.

For those of you who are well acquainted with the mass exodus of people entering and leaving Squamish for the Squamish Valley Music Festival, here’s a couple of tips to avoid the bumper-to-bumper traffic jams.

1. Head up a day or two early

Get ahead of the crowd and arrive a day or two early in Squamish. There are a number of hotels and campsites in the Squamish and Whistler area for you to stay, and plenty of attractions to explore. Here you can not only beat the crowds, but make friends and get the inside scoop with the locals.

With over 35,000 people moving in to this tiny town, you’ll want to grab all the supplies you need and scout for where you’ll need to go. Heading there a day or two early gives you ability to scout around the town for some places to acquire adequate camping supplies, food and beverages for your three day music intensive. That way, you will be to go-to-guy for the local lowdown.

2. Ninja Attack from the North

Maybe consider doing a road trip with your favourite festival besties and take a trip north of Squamish. For folks entering Squamish south bound from Pemberton and Whistler you’ll be breezing through on the highway smoothly. Barely 1% of any of the festival goers enter Squamish from the north, so this will be plain sailing.

3. Stay in Whistler with and arrive by Shuttle Bus

No really! With shuttle buses running for the festival, you’ll get the best of both worlds when you stay in Whistler! Avoid crazy line-ups at the festival food trucks, get a warm shower, no scary late night portable toilet experiences, just hop on the bus and head to your hotel room.

4a. Head over to the Whistler after-party

With nearly 99.9% of the 35,000+ festival go-ers travelling southbound at the end of the festival, how about go against the grain?  Spend a couple days in Whistler for the after-party or just to relax and unwind. Whistler in the Summer offers heaps of activities such as biking, ATVing, canoeing, bear viewing, lake parties and so much more.

4b. Detox at the Scandinave Spa

This is more of “Tip 4 part B”, but on the same reasoning as going against the grain, head north to a spa!

Let’s be honest, after three days of camping in the West Coast’s largest and loudest music festival, and eating festival food, you may want to cleanse and detox. Scandinave Spa will offer you a haven to relax any achy camping muscles and sweat out your pores, and rest your ear drums. Plus, Scandinave Spa have a delicious cafe with lots of raw, green organic goodness to restore you from the inside out! Lovely jubbly.

5. Road Trip to North for a West Coast Tour

The beauty in Squamish does not just stop there. There are lots of places, provincial parks, activities to be done north of Squamish, up through Whistler and all the way up to Pemberton, Lilloette and all the way back down through Hope or Kamloops

And there you have it! Don’t be that guy stranded in the backed up traffic jam, keep it moving and spend more time enjoying this music fest!

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