Think you’re tough?

It’s time to put it to the test: for the third year in a row, Whistler will soon be welcoming back thousands of racers ready to conquer the Tough Mudder obstacle course.

Tough What?

On June 21 and 22, 2014, teams of athletes will set off to tackle the endurance event. Though the course comprises 16 to 20 kilometers of running (the exact course for this year’s event has yet to be released), Tough Mudder is so much more than a running race. In fact, it’s not a race at all: it’s an untimed challenge designed to push boundaries, test strengths, and help people overcome fears.

Overcoming Obstacles

Participants will have to stop periodically to maneuver over, under, and occasionally through some pretty spectacular obstacles. From scaling walls to army crawls, from electric shocks to giant rocks, there’s always a surprise around the corner ready to challenge those brave enough to participate in the event.

To overcome these tests, individuals will have to learn to rely on those around them—sometime teammates, and sometimes perfect strangers. Teamwork, along with courage, personal accomplishment, and – of course—fun, are the core values built around each and every Tough Mudder event.

Can You Handle Whistler?

Whistler’s Tough Mudder course is one of many worldwide. Events take place in the United States, Australia, and Germany, among other places. Whistler’s course, located just south of town in the Whistler Olympic Park, is known for its signature steep, rocky terrain and dense forests, and features a balance of both natural and man-made obstacles sure to send shivers down anyone’s back.

Take the Leap of Faith, for instance: participants will need to perfect their running-leap as the attempt to grasp onto, and navigate along, suspended cargo net. Coming short of the net results in an icy plunge into the pool below. Or why not try to Mud Mile, a fitting obstacle given the name of the event: athletes plod through waist-deep mud, careful not to misstep at the risk of getting a mouthful of mud.

No, They’re Not Crazy!

You might be wondering why a person would voluntarily put himself or herself through such an event. The orange finisher headband provides bragging rights, but the real prize is that feel-good buzz that can only be earned by pushing yourself to your absolute limits, and then some. More than a million people have participated in Tough Mudder races (last year’s Whistler event drew 25,000 people to town), a testament every person’s internal glutton for punishment.

If you’re ready to prove yourself, head over to the Tough Mudder website to get signed up—spaces are limited, so act quickly! If you are not able to nab and entry, or you’re not quite convinced that Tough Mudder is up your alley, you can still join in on the Tough Mudder spirit: spectator tickets are available. Believe us when we say, it’s quite a show. Spectators will also get a chance to wander the grounds, which hosted Olympic events like biathlon and ski jumping in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

Stay at Summit

Whether you participate or simply watch the action, come join us at the Summit Lodge for an unforgettable Tough Mudder weekend. There’s no better place to rest your head (and body) after a demanding day. A soak in our hot tub and a quick sauna session will do wonders to restore sore muscles, and hey– why not book in a post-event massage to reward yourself for your hard work? Even tough muscles need a little TLC!