When The Adventure Group Whistler announced their new attraction, Whistlerites weren’t sure what to expect. Vallea Lumina promises a audiovisual experience amongst a nighttime forest walk, reminiscent of the laser light shows which were popular in the 70s.

Early reviews of Vallea Lumina were positive, with lots of “it’s sick” and “you’ve gotta check it out”. So check it out we did.

Booking your tour is very easy. On the website you can select the date and time of your tour and specify the size of your group. Once you’ve purchased your tickets, all you have to do is show up at the Gondola Transit Exchange for whatever time you booked for.

From there, a shuttle bus transports you to the location on Cougar Mountain. You will be ushered from the shuttle into the waiting area (“Base Camp”) where, depending on your time of arrival, you might wait just a few minutes before entering the valley.

From basecamp you pass through the arches and enter into the living, illuminated tale of two travellers from long-ago as they discover the wonders of the enchanted valley.

There are stopping points throughout the walk where you can linger and watch the story unfold through a series of holographic performances. The performances range from spooky to heartwarming, and all of them are dazzling.

At the midpoint, a guide informed us that the second half of the walk is “even cooler” than the first half, which got us excited considering how cool the first half was.

The climax happened at a river crossing, where the bridge and surrounding forest are overtaken by speckled light. Many visitors stop here indefinitely to enjoy the surreal, calming atmosphere.

Overall, Vallea Lumina was a pleasant surprise. The experience was far from cheesy – in fact, much of it was emotionally moving. Importantly, the intensity level was perfectly tuned to captivate visitors of all ages.

This is one experience we definitely recommend.