What is the Whistler Bike Rave?

Great question! The answer is quite simple:

“It’s a mobile dance party on two wheels!!” – Whistler Bike Rave organizers

What do I need for the Whistler Bike Rave?


1. A bike decorated with glow sticks: or any other kind of shiny objects, blinking lights or electroluminescent wire

2. Some kind of costume: 70’s diva, 80’s punk, 90’s raver…everything goes and team costumes get more love

3. A team spirit: to help the mobile sound system and its trailer make it up the hills

4. Bright head lamps: the valley trail is dark at night, and unless someone is dressed as the sun you will need your own illumination to see the way

5. Love for our town and the organizers: volunteers will be on hand to help clean-up rogue glows sticks and any bits that fall off your bike as we ride, but they are not here to clean-up after you. Leaving litter at the stops or on the route is not cool

6. A toonie: New for this year the rave will be used as a way to raise money for a local charity. Visit the Whistler Bike Rave Facebook group to sign-up and vote on which charity you think should receive the money: http://bit.ly/WhistlerBikeRave

Where is the Whistler Bike Rave?


Bike ravers and their tripped out rides will meet at 9.30pm in the parking lot next to the skate park in Whistler Village. The mobile dance party will then take a route (to be announced on the night) around Whistler following the valley trail to a few secret stopping points before descending on the finish line outside Tommy Africa’s nightclub.

The Whistler Bike Rave will take about 2-3 hours in total.

[googlemap address=”bmx park, whistler” width=”600″ height=”340″ position=”none”]

Map is approximate, just look out for the lights and music.

Bonus feature mix-tape

Paul Mixmasterfab Fournier has created an incredible mix-tape for the night, take a listen here: soundcloud.com/mixmasterfab/bike-rave-whistler-2015

Photos taken by local photographer, David Buzzard for the Whistler Question. He’s such a great guy, please take a couple of minutes to like David’s Facebook page here, facebook.com/David-Buzzard-Photography and visit his website whistlerweddingphotos.com.

Happy bike raving, folks – and use #WhistlerBikeRave to share your photos!