“To a mind that sits still, the whole universe surrenders” – Lao Tzu

We cannot think of a better quote to open a post about the northern lights. To many, the lights have alluded their gaze for years, and as humans we naturally blame everything but ourselves: “we’re too far south”, “it’s too bright”, “it’s too cloudy”. But what if – as the quote seems to suggest – seeing the aurora borealis is a two-way street and without a quiet, present mind the northern lights just simply will not show themselves. What a magical thought.

Although these photos span an entire summer of aurora in Whistler, a large part of the photos were taken in just one week during a rare category 4 geomagnetic storm.

“Geomagnetic storms are disturbances in Earth’s magnetic field that can result in many hours of vibrant auroras both at high latitudes (Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut) and at lower latitudes (southern Canada and northern United States).” – Northernlight House Project

We hope you enjoy this section of photos showing the northern lights in Whistler, it’s a very extraordinary event when we get to see them this bright so far south.

1. Panorama Ridge, Whistler

📷 instagram.com/ian_stotesbury

2. Callaghan Lake, Whistler

📷 instagram.com/saltandpinephotography

3. Brandywine Meadows, Whistler

📷 instagram.com/mikegamble

4. Whistler Blackcomb

📷 instagram.com/dlmccolm

5. Lakeside Park, Whistler

📷 instagram.com/seanstdenis

6. Alta Lake, Whistler

📷 instagram.com/cvlebthomvs

7. Sand Spit at Green Lake, Whistler

📷 instagram.com/brinktastic

8. Rainbow Park, Whistler

📷 instagram.com/saltandpinephotography

9. Rainbow Mountain, Whistler

📷 instagram.com/couloir

10. Semaphore Lakes, Pemberton

📷 instagram.com/mostlymountains