If you’re going to treat yourself to a few guided adventures while you’re in Whistler, make sure you add the Yukon Breakfast snowmobile tour to your list. Swap the hustle and bustle of resort life for the gentle sound of fresh falling snow while you tuck into a hot cooked breakfast at remote cabin in the ancient Callaghan Valley. Sounds like heaven, right…

Take a look for yourself and we think you’ll agree!

Yukon Breakfast Whistler snowmobile tour with Canadian Wilderness Adventures


The morning started bright an early at 7.30am. The Callaghan Valley is a 25-30 min drive south of Whistler so we met our guide in village to jump aboard the Canadian Wilderness Adventures private shuttle bus.

Local Knowledge: The Callaghan Valley was the location of the 2010 Winter Olympics Biathlon and Ski Jumping events.

Once we arrived at the Canadian Wilderness Adventures snowmobile base, and after a few cuddles with the”office dog” named Drift, it was time to grab our helmets and have the safety briefing.

Drift the office dog at Canadian Wilderness Adventures My Fox helmet and Smith Goggles on my snowmobile at Canadian Wilderness Adventures

Good to know: The day before the tour we received an email from Canadian Wilderness Adventures with a full list of everything we should bring and wear for the tour. On the list they suggested: full winter clothing and winter boots, winter gloves (not mittens), our own goggles, and of course a camera.

Full-face, motor sport helmets are provided for all guests and it’s good to know that if you happen to be in Whistler and don’t have ski gear with you, Canadian Wilderness Adventures have a good stock of jackets, pants, boots, and goggles for you to borrow.

The Yukon Breakfast snowmobile tour is a great experience for people of all levels. Whether you’re a never-ever or you ride a snowmobile regularly, the guides know exactly what to do and where to go to make sure everyone has fun.

Guide briefing the group before our snowmobile tour in Whistler

Time to eat!

The cabin is perched on the edge of a frozen lake at 1450m elevation, high in the Whistler backcountry, a 30-40 min ride away up through a magical winter wonderland where a cooked breakfast of pancakes, potatoes, and a delicious meat and veggie scramble hash was being prepared for our arrival.

There are few simple pleasures in life that can compete with the familiar smell of fresh coffee as you approach the door of a hand-built log cabin in woods…take us back.

Breakfast was served from a wood-burning, cast iron aga stove by Canadian Wilderness Adventures’ own backcountry chef, Kim Eijdenberg.

Aga’s were originally invented in Sweden in the 1920’s as a method of heating a home or room. Agas have a unique ability to store heat for long periods from a low-intensity but continuously-burning fuel source (in this case, wood) which is then used to heat the room and to cook from.


Snowmobiling on a frozen Whistler lake

After breakfast we had time to take a rip around on the frozen lake below the cabin and practice some of the skills we’d learned from our guide, Chris, on the way up.

If you’ve never ridden a snowmobile before, the best way to describe it is like a blend of riding a bike and driving a car all at the same time. A snowmobile has an engine like a car to get you from A to B, but it has handlebars like a bike that turn skis instead of a wheel. Despite that complicated explanation it’s actually very simple to drive and really great fun.

Just as it was time to head back down to the valley it started snowing, what a perfect way to end the morning!

If you’d like to book your spot on the Yukon Breakfast tour with Canadian Wilderness Adventures you can call them directly on 604-938-1616, book online at their website www.canadianwilderness.com or if you’re a guest at the Summit Lodge, simply ask the front desk to make you a reservation.

About Canadian Wilderness Adventures

Since 1993, Canadian Wilderness Adventures (CWA) has been guiding visitors around the Whistler backcountry showing them the beauty and wonder of the coast mountains in Whistler. The Summit Lodge recommends CWA to all our guests because of their unique experiences but also because their snowmobile fleet has the lowest emissions in Whistler, they continue to support research into alternative fuel sources with the The McGill University Electric Snowmobile Team, and because of their of their continued leadership in sustainable tourism practices. In 2015 CWA was awarded the coveted Sustainability In Action award by the Whistler Centre For Sustainability.