Some days a wicked alpine storm will roll in, and you just can’t get up the mountain. It happens. But we’ve got your back. Grab a pair of our free snowshoes and enjoy Whistler’s scenic, historic, and some times creepy snowshoe trails.

Parkhurst Ghost Town, at the north end of Green Lake, is one the most popular medium length hikes in Whistler. This is one of only two hikes in the valley (the other being the Whistler Train Wreck hike in Cheakamus) that has no elevation gain, making it great for all abilities through spring, summer, fall, and winter.

What is the Parkhurst Ghost Town?

The Parkhurst Whistler Ghost Town is the site of the remnants of a booming 1930’s logging community. Today you’ll find today, a few derelict cabins where the workers and their families would have lived, old, rusted logging machinery, and relics of an old steam-operated mill.

Whistler Ghost Town Hike: Parkhurst abandoned logging town

Parkhurst Mill was a very successful business, shipping lumber as far away as Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia. However, when the Great Depression hit, the price of lumber plummeted, making it impossible to cover the cost of transport; and, in 1930, the business went into receivership.

Parkhurst Ghost Town Whistler in 1920

According to reports by the Whistler Museum, all of the crew members left immediately, hoping to secure other work at a time when jobs were extremely scarce. This is why the town has the appearance of being deserted over night.

The Whistler Ghost Town hike & snowshoe route

Our good friends down at Dam Good Trips in Squamish, BC have written a great blog post, guide, and trail report on the hike to the Parkhurst Ghost Town. We really recommend giving this hike a go if you have a spare morning or afternoon, and the route is exactly the same on snowshoes as it is in the summer.

How to get to the Whistler Ghost Town

Get directions to the Parkhurst Ghost Town and the full post here: