On the surface, this not-so-little mountain town is pretty awesome. Monolithic mountains. Adrenaline-fueled activities. An après scene surely to spark some “This one time, in Whistler…” stories.

But beneath the surface, Whistler is actually even more incredible than first meets the eye. Quietly, members of our community gather to exchange ideas, expand horizons, and debate subject matter both funny and serious.

Community-driven lectures and talks offer the perfect opportunity to get to know Whistler—the real Whistler. Whether you’re a first-time visitor, a regular Weekend Warrior, or a through-and-through local, you should definitely check out the following events:

The Green Moustache’s Talks and Workshops

Fuel for your mind and body: that’s what the Green Moustache is all about. They whip up some mean juices and salads, but this local business also hosts talks, workshops, and events to bring the community together at their nourishing educational experiences.

From workshops in the kitchen to lifestyle makeovers—and everything in between—the Green Moustache’s events are sure to leave you feeling greener and meaner—or at least more inspired than ever.


Whistler Public Library’s Quest Lecture Series

Whistler might not have its own university as of yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t indulge in a little intellectual discussion.

Throughout the academic year, faculty from Quest University down in Squamish trek up to our beautiful library (seriously, it’s an architectural masterpiece) to enlighten the audience on a variety of topics. Past lectures have ranged from understanding the science of sleep to the philosophical aspects of happiness to the hunt for planets in our galaxy.

Swing by the library to find out when the next talk is. Oh, and don’t worry—there aren’t any pop quizzes.

Whistler Museum’s Inspired Events

Yes, Whistler has a museum—and it just so happens to be the unofficial local authority on everything that’s going on around town.

You never know what you’ll get at an event hosted by the Whistler Museum. One week, you might encounter a local skier presenting his research on the powers of collaboration; the next, it could be a packed house ready to debate whether or not the snowboard industry has sold out. One thing that is consistent: the members of the audience often have as much to contribute as the leader of the session. This is the place to come to meet some of Whistler’s most brilliant minds.


The Mountain Multiplicity Show

This once-a-year event takes place during the World Ski and Snowboard Festival every April. It essentially represents everything that’s amazing about mountain culture, condensed into just a few hours.

We used to say that the Mountain Multiplicity Show was the most underrated event of WSSF, but the truth is that the word is starting to spread. People are starting to pay attention to this show, which puts eight (or so) individuals in the spotlight, each with incredible stories to share about living in the mountains.

Photographers, filmmakers, writers, athletes, and otherwise unclassifiable adventurers give short presentations about something that’s usually one part utterly insane, one part completely aspirational, and one part explosively brilliant.


Keen on learning more about Whistler’s underground knowledge-sharing scene? Ask around: check out the local papers, chat up a bartender, or scan bulletin boards to see what’s going on around town—and come participate!