Soar to new heights this winter with friendly and knowledgeable zipline tour guides and other adventurous zipline tour-goers. Ziptrek Ecotours and Superfly Ziplines, Whistler’s Zipling Tour Companies, are open year-round — offering their guests a chilly but cheerful winter experience, with views like no other. Experience the exhilaration of bravely stepping to the platform edge, lifting your feet, then soaring above the forest floor, reaching speeds up to 100km/hour!

Whistler Zipline

While both Ziptrek and Superfly deliver a product that approximates the feeling of flying, there are subtle differences to their tours that make for a completely unique experience. I was lucky to do both Ziptrek and Superfly tours this summer, and here are some differences worth mentioning.


Combing ziplining with education about Whistler’s centuries-old rainforest ecology, the importance of sustainability, and precisely how the company practices what it preaches, Ziptrek provides unparalleled adventure in an environmentally and socially responsible way.

The tour area now boasts 7 suspension bridges, 2 rigid aerial bridges, 10 treetop viewing platforms and a total of 10 ziplines. Ziptrek offers 3 tours — Bear, Eagle, and Mammoth — that are suitable for first-time ziptrekkers (ages 6 and up), veteran adventurers, and full on adrenaline junkies.

At Ziptrek, the harness system allows you complete freedom to move, take a look around (if you can keep your eyes open!), and even enjoy your zipline ride hanging upside down! No doubt you’ll describe your experience in one word, make that sound, “WHOO-HOO!”


Superfly is all about length, height and speed! Superfly boasts Canada’s longest ziplines, at well over a kilometer long, 600 feet off the forest floor, and clocking speeds of 100km/hour. You’ll certainly have enough time to take in the views as you soar between two mountains! With your arms spread wide, it’s as if you’ve strapped on a pair of wings.

To follow up the longest ziplines, you’ll be clipped on to the fastest of all ziplines, “Godzilla,” In the “torpedo position,” I reached speeds of close to 90km/hour! The custom-built trolley rigs, comfortable harnesses and revolutionary braking system, make flights safe and smooth. At Superfly, your harness, fitted with a backpack, allows you to bring valuables and keep them safe.

Locals and tourists can become zipliners year-round, day or night, soaring in the summer breeze or crisp winter air. No matter the weather or temperature, you are guaranteed to have an amazing experience. With heated and sheltered platforms to minimize exposure to the elements, you’ve got no excuse not to go ziplining this winter!

The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Summit Lodge is eager to help you plan your ‘Ziplining Adventure’ in Whistler. For information in booking your stay and activities call Toll-free 1 (888) 913.8811.