With almost 20 million viewers in Europe alone, the World Cups ski jumping event was more than successful.

On Sunday, there was approximately 6000 people to show up in Whistler for the World Cups ski jump event. Over 2000 thousand cars packed the parking lots and streets. Organizers of the World Cups ski jump event in Whistler were glad and surprised at such a massive turnout. They also apologized to those who could not find parking or get in.

The enthusiasm was felt all throughout Whistler with the enormous turnout and the amazing weather. Nothing could have topped it off better except for the amount of ski jumping Whistler Olympic Park hill records that were also set.

The physical turnout matched with the television viewers in Europe alone was priceless marketing for Whistler, British Columbia and the Whistler Olympic Park. The upcoming 2010 winter games will also help to define Whistler as a world class ski and snowboard resort.