If you want to start the New Year filled with serenity and inner peace, you couldn’t do better than to attend the Loka Yoga School’s New Year’s Eve Celebration.

This event, which is free to the public, starts with a kirtan dance party from 8pm to 9pm.

A kirtan is a traditional yogic spiritual gathering for the chanting of divine names.

In the case of the Loka Yoga party, this will be intermixed with hip-hop, reggae and deep vibration soundscapes, which will produce a state of tranquility, and awaken the soul.

Then from 9pm until midnight the asana room will be open for mauna, the art of silent meditation.

At midnight an inspirational New Year’s Message will be delivered to attendees.

Join Tina James and Sarah Cutfield for December 31st from 5pm to 1am on the 2nd Floor of St. Andrews house at 4433 Sundial Crescent for dance, song and a truly joyous welcoming of 2011.

For more information about this event see WhistlerWellnessCentre.com.