Highway 99, the “Sea to Sky Highway”, underwent a $600 million upgrade to increase the road’s safety, reliability and capacity in anticipation of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. The Highway subsequently is now a much safer and enjoyable drive with several breathtaking points of interest and photo opportunities.

Highway Regulations in British Columbia

Highways in British Columbia are safe and modernized. Canadian highway regulations may differ from where you are from. Please note:

  • The speed limit is generally 80 kilometres per hour (watch for speed limit signs near construction areas)
  • Winter tires are mandatory between October 1st and March 31st. Seasons may be extended in extreme weather.
  • Speed limits are in metric
  • Seat belts are mandatory
  • Use headlights even in daylight
  • Roads can be slippery even in the summer months
  • Infant car seats are required for children weighing up to 9 kg / 20 pounds

Wildlife on the Road

Animal collisions pose a risk to wildlife, people and their property. Help reduce the number of deaths and injurious accidents by following these guidelines:

  • Drive defensively and concentrate on the road at all times. Watch the sides of the road for wildlife attempting to cross, especially where visibility is poor (at bends in the road, or where the forest comes close to the road).
  • Use extra caution at night; bears are dark animals and are very difficult to see in the dark, or even at dusk and dawn. Bears and other animals are often found foraging roadside during spring when newly sprouting clover (especially along newly constructed highways) provides good feeding.
  • Watch for signs that have been posted in high wildlife collision zones and slow down.
  • Never stop to view wildlife. This stresses wildlife and creates unsafe road conditions due to traffic congestion.
  • If you are involved in a collision, call the police if there are any human injuries or significant damage to your vehicle. Inspect your vehicle to see if it is safe to continue driving.
  • Call the local wildlife agency if there is a dead or injured animal to report. In BC, call the Conservation Officer Service at 1.877.952.7277.

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